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Jul 13

My Vaping Review of the iTaste SVD, Ego-C Twist, FivePawns & Beard Juices

Posted on Sunday, July 13, 2014 in Personal

For those of you whom vape, I purchased a couple of vapors and a mod that I highly suggest if you’ve never tried them before. The flavor on the left is called Gambit from a company called five pawns. The flavor is apple pie with flaky crust, caramel, french vanilla ice cream, and whip cream all in one. Its a higher end liquid that’s about $30 for 30ml. Its 50pg/50vg blend and comes in 30ml bottles. The vape mod is the iTaste SVD with an aspire Nautilus tank. This tank is awesone because it has a variable air hole ring so you can adjust the amount of air as you want and it really affects the flavor too. The second flavor shown here is the Beard No.5. Its a strawberry NY cheesecake and its all I’ve been vaping lately. The Gambit is 6mg nicotine but the beard is only 3mg. I swear by these two flavors and if you’re into dessert type flavors, definitely try them!!!

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I was originally ordering the Gambit from the Five Pawns website, but found out that I could get it locally literally walking distance from my job. There’s a new vape lounge like 10 ft away from my job called The Vapor Club Boca. Everyone that works there is really awesome and it’s actually a cool place to hang out too. They have pool tables and comfy couches and it’s a really large warehouse type atmosphere. Definitely worth checking out if you’re ever anywhere near Boca Raton. They were the ones who introduced me to the Beard flavors and I highly recommend them. They are having a grand opening party at the end of this month too.

I haven’t smoked cigs anymore since I started vaping like 3-4 months ago. I believe cigs have anywhere from 18-24mg nicotine per cig so I decided to get 3mg and 6mg flavors and it’s basically like not having any nicotine at all. I haven’t even really wanted a cig since I started vaping. It tastes better, smells better, and you can vape indoors without worrying about staining shit brown or with that ashtray smell. Plus, you’ll save a ton of money in the long run.

Here’s the demo video I made using the Aspire Tank on the iTaste SVD:

Here’s the Video of the ProTank3 on the Ego-C Twist and Gambit Flavor:

They both hit pretty damn good. The tank makes a world of difference. I began using the kit tank that came with the Ego-C Twist and now that I’ve used better tanks, there’s no comparison to how much better the flavor is and how great they hit.

Mar 7

Recording Bass for Adorned In Thorns

Posted on Friday, March 7, 2014 in Music

Here’s a short teaser clip of me recording a bass line for the title track on our upcoming release, “Adorned in Thorns”.

Dec 31

Guitar Setup – Free Printable Action Gauge

Posted on Tuesday, December 31, 2013 in Music

If you’re planning on setting up your guitar, there are a few tools that come in really handy to get the right measurements. Without them, you’ll never really be 100% on point. I looked online for a Guitar String Action Gauge and they roughly cost around $20. The problem was that I needed to setup this guitar and bass right away but I would have had to order it online and wait for them to ship it to me before I can set it up correctly.

Most guitar techs will purchase their tools from Stewart MacDonald. It’s pretty much the go-to place online for anything guitar related. Check out the price of their action gauge here: This is before shipping. If you’re outside of the US you’re going to end up paying even more to have one of these shipped to you if your local guitar shop doesn’t carry one.

Setting up the action on your guitar means that you’re correctly positioning the strings above your frets using a measurement to get the perfect distance throughout the whole neck. There are plenty of videos on YouTube that will show you the correct way to do it. You can print this gauge out that I posted above using Illustrator or Print it out on card stock or get it laminated if you want it to last a lot longer. However, paper works too as long as you cut it straight on the lines. If you have shaky hands, ask your mom to do it. Last time she gave me a handy, her strokes felt pretty steady.

Anyway, back to string action on your guitars; If the action is set too high, you’re going to have to press down on the strings a lot more and a lot harder in order to hit your notes which can be frustrating and tire your fingers a lot faster. If your action is too low, your strings will rattle when they hit the frets and your music will sound like shit. No, I mean worse than it already does. And no one wants that, right?!

What I normally do is set this gauge at the 17th fret so it sits right on the metal, not the wood, and I make sure the string sits about 4/64ths above the fret. Make sure you also check your intonation and for string buzzing after you set the correct height. It may need to be adjusted again after raising or lowering the action.

So above you’ll see the handy string action gauge ruler for you to print out. Just make sure you use the correct software to print it out or else you’re going to print out out the wrong size and the measurements will be way off.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to post them in the comments section and I’ll do my best to help you out!

Nov 26

Aningaaq – The other Side of Sandra Bullock’s Distress Call

Posted on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 in Entertainment

Remember that Scene in GRAVITY when Sandra Bullock’s character is about to die and picks up a radio signal and begins to have a conversation with someone who is speaking a different language? They can’t understand each other but she has no one else to speak with as she’s dying. This short film was created to show you the other side of that whole conversation. Pretty amazing and powerful if you’ve seen the movie. I guess it really touches your emotions when you start imagining being in that situation. She did a great job in selling that part in this movie. I personally loved it and felt it was awesome to see this other side of the radio signal…

What do you think?

Watch the Other Side of Sandra Bullock’s Distress Call

Nov 26

Amazing Paul Cadden Drawing

Posted on Tuesday, November 26, 2013 in Art

You see this photo of this chick? Well, It’s not a photo. It’s a pencil drawing by Paul Cadden and he has many more like these. His amount of detail in his art is amazing.

Capture Amazing Paul Cadden Drawing
Nov 12

Playing Fetch with a Wolfdog

Posted on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 in Pets & Animals

Here is some video I shot on Sept 27th 2013 of me playing Fetch with our Wolfdog, Luna. Mel was cooking in the kitchen and sometime the best way to wear Luna out before dinner is to get her to run around as much as possible. This way when we put her in her kennel during dinner, she’ll just sleep and relax. She’s a great WD but still a puppy in this video (7mo old) so eating around her is very difficult because she not only begs, but she will actually fight to steal the food from your plate. She’s very persistent for sure and not shy when it comes to dinner at all.

Nov 12

Deadstar Assembly – Breathe for Me at Bar Sinister Jan 2013

Posted on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 in Music

Here is a video of Deadstar Assembly performing our song Breathe for Me at Bar Sinister on Jan 26, 2013. We were playing with The Dreaming during the 2013 Winter NAMM Convention weekend. I had a blast this night and there are a few more songs from the set that I uploaded to my channel if you want to watch.

Nov 12

Old-School Photos of My First Band, Atrocity

Posted on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 in Music

Here are some photos of me performing with Atrocity. This is the very first band I ever joined and pretty much where I learned to play bass. Thanks to Joey Belknap and John Holtz, they both really helped me pick on on playing. I believe we were performing at club Fubar here in south FL. Rudy was our singer for this show but we never seemed to have a stable singer in the band.

Sep 27

Luna The Werewolf

Posted on Friday, September 27, 2013 in Pets & Animals

Every day after work I’ve been coming home and putting my wolfdog, Luna, on this tree tie out cable I purchased a few years ago for Doggie when she was still with us. I call these photos Luna the Werewolf because in that first photo she really does look like she’s a werewolf. When I first tied her to the tree, she took off running after one of the stray cats and ended up snapping her collar because she was running so fast that the force just snapped the whole thing and she kept running. Didn’t even phase her. However, the next time I got smart and made sure to connect the lead to her harness and her collar together. She took off running again and ended up flying 5 feet in the air and getting pulled back. I know it didn’t feel too good because she let out a loud yelp and came over and laid down in the grass calmly. Since then, she hasn’t taken off running anymore like she used to. I think she learned her lesson. When tied up to a tree, it’s probably not the smartest to take off running at full speed. I checked her thoroughly and made she she wasn’t hurt and luckily she was just in shock for a minute but didn’t seem like it hurt her at all when I felt around where her harness and collar were. She’s a pretty tough wolfdog as they normally are. It’s amazing how strong and powerful these guys are. I wouldn’t recommend anyone owning one unless they’ve had experience with them. I have known about them and worked with them in the past, and I’m still learning a lot from her on a regular basis. I do love the bond we have though. There’s an energy there that I just pick up on that’s different from any other animal I’ve ever worked with. Especially when you look into a wolfdogs’ eyes. It’s captivating.

Luna werewolf 400x248 Luna The Werewolf

luna backyard 400x286 Luna The Werewolf

Sep 20

Watch “How To Swing Like Miley Cyrus” on YouTube

Posted on Friday, September 20, 2013 in Entertainment

You must watch this very accurate video showing you How To Swing Like Miley Cyrus in her Wrecking Ball Music Video.