Music Videos

Music Videos I have performed in or have been a part of in some way.

Deadstar Assembly - Send Me an Angel (2003)

"Send Me An Angel", the debut music video from Deadstar Assembly. Somatic Recordings 2002. This was one of the first serious music videos I got to be a part of and the experience was amazing. At the time I felt like DSA was larger than life and going from 0-100mph in a second. There was a full crew for this video shoot and it was done in this huge warehouse that was run down and no longer being used. The Director Rip Odebralski had some awesome leftover pieces for a movie he shot and we got to use it for the video shoot. We also spray painted that huge DSA logo on the floor for the shoot and it took about 3 days of shooting to complete. Most of it was done with a green screen background and we were able to get some students from the art institute to help out with the animations and I believe the instructor let them do it as an extra credit project. It was really fun and a crazy experience I'll never forget.

Deadstar Assembly - Breathe For Me (2003)

"Breathe for Me" performed by Deadstar Assembly from our first self titled release. Lensed by Darkhak © 2003 Somatic Recordings. We ended up getting to shoot inside this cool school auditorium that was under construction at the time. We went on a day when no one was there and quickly set up shop to shoot the video and get out as fast as possible. It was extremely hot since the AC was off in the building during the shoot and I remember dripping wet with sweat and having to keep stopping for us to fix our makeup. lol. This music video does hit home for many people as well as myself. I've always been glad to be a part of it.

Deadstar Assembly - Dejected (2006)

"Dejected" Music Video from our Dark Hole Sessions Vol. 2 DVD. "Dejected" is also featured on the re-release of our international sophomore effort Unsaved (Bonus Tracks Version). Filmed live in Concert in Orlando, FL. We got to do a bad ass 3-camera shoot at the Hardrock LIVE! in Orlando Florida. This was during the halloween horror nights weekend and we got to play a sick show to a packed house. I believe I was told there was about 3k people there that night. I have the full live show on my youtube channel here ( if you would like to watch this performance.

Deadstar Assembly - Killing Myself Again (2006)

"Killing Myself Again" Video from Deadstar Assembly's "Unsaved" (Bonus Tracks Version). Shot on location in Miami Beach, FL July 2006. Lensed and edited by Darkhak. This video shoot was a lot of fun to do as well. Lets face it, they were all fun to do! We actually documented the whole process of shooting this video and released it on our second DVD called Dark Hole Sessions Vol II.

Deadstar Assembly - The Darkest Star (2010)

Rough cut of "The Darkest Star" as performed by Deadstar Assembly from our third release "Coat Of Arms". Lensed by Darkhak, edited by DSA. © 2010 Somatic Recordings. Perfectly Destroyed Music. For some reason I decided to stay up the night before and party with my friends not realizing this music video was going to go on all day and all night. I thought it was going to be an easy shoot and unfortunately halfway through the night the lens fell off the really expensive camera during some of the quick shaky motion shots so we had to take a long break to see if it was fixable. The camera was being flung around to get the effects you see in the video and it slipped.... the worst part was that it was a borrowed camera!! Luckily DB was able to take care of the cost to repair the camera but hey, the video came out pretty cool!

Nonpoint - What A Day (1997)

I was still in my band DeSaaD at the time and I was a big nonpoint fan. They knew about me from being a local musician in south florida and when I was noticed in the crowd of the music video shoot they had me featured a couple times. I show up inj the beginning about 0:13 and again during the first chorus when Alias says, "No Sleep This Week."