Performing XMAS KHAOS '06 in south FL

Hi! My name is Dro & I am a creator. I also played bass for industrial-metal band Deadstar Assembly. The band was formed in South Florida, early 2002 with the most recent show date being in Dec 2021. Other than playing music, I occasionally take on freelance web jobs but mainly spend my time learning new skills and creating silly videos on the internet about my many different subjects & interests.

During the day I’m either shooting/editing videos or tinkering with technologies I’m currently into. I also have deep love & respect for all wildlife and worked with exotic pets for many years. On my social networks you are going to find videos of Fennec Fox, My Wolfdog, Luna, MY FPV and other Drone Videos, Tutorials, and much more. For example, some of the other playlists you’ll see include other interests of mine such as: livestreaming, tinkering, programming, working on cars, and even skydiving .

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Grew up in both New York City & South Florida. This website & my social channels have become a way for me to document my life and save it to the internet where it can live on forever… Hopefully it will entertain some and also help show others that you can actually get into the things you’ve always wanted to do… even if its hard and takes forever to happen. 

many more to come… and i am the dro