Who is The Dro?

Closeup of The Dro

Closeup portrait of The Dro from his very first photoshoot.

The Dro is a content creator and bassist for an industrial-metal band that formed in South Florida, early 2002, named Deadstar Assembly. Other than playing music, he also occasionally works as a freelance web developer and creates videos of wild animals and exotic pets on his youtube channel just about daily. During the day Dro really loves being a developer, but he’s also really into photography and tinkers with electronics and auto mechanics regularly. Anyone who knows The Dro will confirm that he also has a deep love and respect for all wildlife. His talents & interests include graphic design, drawing & painting, working on cars, photography, and cinematography.

The Dro was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and grew up in New York City. He moved out of Brazil and headed to New York City when he was a toddler but flew back and forth for a few years before deciding to settle in the Big Apple. Dro lived in Sunny Side and Astoria, Queens while he was in NY.  At the age of 7-8 years old he was gifted his first tape player and became a very big fan of music. Dro was always listening to anything and everything that was around, especially when he wanted to tune people out. He would even go to the extent of hiding a walkman in his pocket and running the cable for the headphones through his sweater. He would then lay on his hand while doing assignment in school in order to hide that he was listening to music at the same time. His best friend in NY used to sneak him into his house when the parents were gone and they’d go through his brothers vinyl and tape collection. The first rock song he introduced to Dro was “Back Off Bitch” by Guns and Roses. He was instantly hooked. Then when Dro moved to south Florida at age 11, he heard about this guy in a band named “Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids.” All sorts of cool stories from being told by his older friends and one day he ended up in local a CD shop called CD Heaven where he saw Jessica From Jack off Jill and Jeordie White (Twiggy) hanging out inside. Jeordie was dating Jessica and she was working at the counter. Dro wanted an autograph really bad but couldn’t identify who was who. He didn’t know much about Jack off Jill at the time, but he really wanted Jeordie’s autograph. They were both wearing makeup, fur coats, big boots, fishnet stockings, and both had dread locks. Dro was so intimidated but it inspired him so much. He saw their confidence and attitude and wanted to be just like that when he grew up. They never gave a fuck about what people thought about them and he admired it. Dro figured getting into music would also give him the confidence he needed since he was always such a shy kid. From then on, people would constantly tell him he was destined for greatness. Dro loved music more than most people he knew and he wanted nothing more than to become a “Rockstar.” Dro never ended up getting his signature because he chickened out and didn’t ask which one was Twiggy. He also got to watch a lot of videos of the spooky kids with their old bassist, Brad (Gidget Gein) and was influenced to begin playing the bass guitar. The Dro strives to play bass like a guitar player plays a guitar. He saw way too many bass players that just stand there until he got to watch these two performers.

The Dro is currently playing bass for Deadstar Assembly and gets to tour and do what he loves but when he’s not on tour, Dro works on computers full time as a web developer and programmer, video editor, graphic designer among many others… He has also started a few projects, one of which is called Hardcore Mayhem. This project was produced along with the help of one of his good friends, Laura Mayhem. At the time this project began, his life was so hectic and he saw many crazy things. What better Idea than to video tape it and show them to the world. Most people wouldn’t believe him if he told them the story of his life, so now he has an outlet to actually show them as well. He is also currently working on a new website called Content Creator Network where he will be uploading information and tutorials on becoming a content creator and how to use the gear or settings properly. With many more things to come…

As he is today,
The Dro