Falcore The Mystical Lilac Point Siamese Cat

My ex from a while back rescued 4 cats and two of them ended up breeding with each other before she got the chance to get them fixed. I believe the cat ended up having about 5 kittens and they were mainly colored like the parents. They were all this dark pewter color and one of them came out bright white and he was the most adorable thing ever. We didn’t know at the time that cats can have kittens which are completely different than the parents if there is another breed in the line somewhere. Before he even opened his eyes, we had a feeling he may be albino since I didn’t know enough about cats at the time. However, when Falcore opened his eyes and had these amazingly bright blue eyes and she asked me if I wanted him. I think she named him Henry originally, but I ended up holding him up in the air for a photo and in it he looked just like the luck dragon from The Never Ending Story. I just had to call him Falcore after that and the name stuck. I found out later that he was a Lilac Point Siamese and he’s been so sweet and calm. I’ve never seen a cat act the way he does and he’s become a permanent member of the family.