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October 1, 2011
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I don’t understand why everyone’s making such a big deal about Apple’s iPhone 4S and it’s new features. Android has had these features for years. I’ve always been the first to say that iPhone is always behind in hardware when it’s released. I still will admit they have the best touch screen, but everything else should be way more advanced. Dual Core Processors have been around for about a year now in smart phones. Voice Control and Search has been around since just about the beginning of Android. Smart Phones have come equipped with 8MP Cameras for years. Notification center? Android has had that since it’s very first version. It’s also had the ability to focus in on photos, use a button on the side of the phone to snap the shot, then assist with software features to crop and enhance your photos. I don’t see why apple’s new device is ground-breaking at all. Can someone please explain this to me? And why has Apple’s founders been obsessed with Siri Cruise? I’ve been hearing Steve Jobs mention her name quite a bit in previous Key notes before the app was actually released… a Little creepy if you ask me…

Dro Simoes
Dro Simoes
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  1. Jessica Lynn says:

    pfffftttt. not so much. voice recognition and “siri” are completely different. iphone is smooth and not even close to as glitchy as the android. Pretty lame that there’s a million different phones with all different software which can’t get whatever app they want. But hey, if you users enjoy doing virus scans & having to end every process then by all means have fun!

    • Facebook Profile photo The Dro says:

      I’ve heard this argument by other iphone users. However, I’ve never once had to experience all these glitches you guys talk about and I’ve been using android based devices since the G1 came out. Also, I’ve never had any viruses nor the need to scan for any in the years I’ve been using this OS. I can go on for hours about why it’s better than the iOS.

  2. Dro Simoes says:

    Damn, now I feel like a dick for writing that. lol

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