1 Million Apple Device IDs Leaked

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August 15, 2012
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September 5, 2012
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For those of you with APPLE products, Can you tell me what the FBI is doing with your UDID’s?

One million Apple UDIDs (Universal Device IDs) were released to the public today by a group of hackers. Now, a lot of you may be thinking that it was malicious of them to release everyone’s UDID’s but I completely understand their reasoning behind it. They were even nice enough to strip out a lot of the personal info that went in there such as home addresses, zip codes, cell phone numbers and more.

The hacker was snooping around the FBI laptop and came across everyone’s information and probably thought to himself, “WTF is an FBI agent doing with apple users’ information?” Then he decided all of you should know about it and be able to search for your UDID to see if they had your information in this file of 12 Million UDID’s. For now only one million has been released, but I guarantee you’ll find yours in the other 11 Million.

Read more about it here:

Also, If you would like to search for your UDID, go here:

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