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Palo Verde Beetle Paperweight
March 10, 2017
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Oleander Hawk Moth Resin Paperweight

$44.99 $29.99

  • Materials: Epoxy Resin, Moth
  • L: 5″ in  W: 1″ in  H: 3″ in
  • Handmade by Dro

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Daphnis nerii, also known as The Oleander Hawk Moth or, The Army Green Moth, is a large moth found in wide areas of Africa and Asia It is a migratory species, flying to parts of eastern and southern Europe during the summer, particularly Turkey.

The abdomen of this species is green or grey-green and has sloping sides, whitish lines, and three brownish-green spots on the sixth and seventh segments. This species rests with its abdomen curled upwards and can be distinguished from similar species by its large size.

**No animals are ever harmed in order to make our resin pieces and Jewelry. All bugs are donated or found already dead.**


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