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October 12, 2017
Deadstar Assembly’s – July 2004
April 20, 2018
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For those of you who keep commenting on the videos of Scout attacking the swiffer while I was cleaning: “It is an urban myth that the Swiffer Wet Jet cloths and cleaners are unsafe to use around your pets. According to the Animal Poison Control Center of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), Swiffer is a safe product to use with pets around. Swiffer Wet cloths and WetJet liquid solution do not contain antifreeze or any ingredient similar to it. According to the products’ material safety data sheet (look under Household Cleaners), the cleaning solutions are mostly composed of water mixed with a small percentage of propylene glycol n-propyl ether or propylene glycol n-butyl ether and ethanol. Although propylene glycol is sometimes used in antifreeze, it is generally recognized as safe, according to the Food and Drug Administration. The misleading e-mails probably confuse propylene glycol with another chemical, ethylene glycol, a sweet, colorless, and toxic alcohol that is an ingredient in many automotive antifreezes.”

Here is one of the videos I was referring to:

Dro Simoes
Dro Simoes
Hi! My name is Dro Simoes but people generally call me "The Dro". I'm the bassist for Deadstar Assembly and I also make videos on my youtube channel. I'm a huge fan of wildlife, programming, music, art and much more!


  1. Destiny says:

    You are welcome lol. And amen to that ahahaha

  2. Destiny says:

    Hey Dro, just wanted to say that I really appreciate how well you are taking care of all your fur babies!

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