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Oct 1

Giant Crane Fly, Often Mistaken for a Mosquito

Posted on Saturday, October 1, 2011 in Information, Pets & Animals

I caught this giant bastard mid-air like Mr. Miyagi and shit.

A lot of people think these are giant mosquito’s flying around their homes but they’re actually just another type of fly. Crane Flies are harmless and there’s really no reason to kill them other than the fact that they’re scary as hell looking!

Crane Flies can become an annoyance when they enter homes but They really do no harm. The only reason they make it into your home is ’cause they are attracted to lights that you forget to shut off when you leave the room! Crane Flies don’t bite at all even though they look like they’re going to suck all of the blood out of the next unsuspecting victim, actually though, they don’t even eat! Their larvae, however, are very important because they assist in breaking down dead plant material. Mainly, dead leaves and stems on the bottoms of streams. This is part of what causes the water to remain healthy for fish and other wildlife that live or drink from the source.

If you’re looking for more information on these creepy bastards, they are in the Tipula genus. The common is (Tipulidae oleracea).

Crane Fly Larvae
holding crane fly larvae in hand

Crane Fly Larvae Closeup
Crane Fly Larvae Closeup

Giant Menacing Crane Fly
Giant Crane Fly

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