Do Not Order from 9GreenBox on Amazon!

I have placed two orders on from a store called “9GreenBox” and what I got in the mail was not what they advertised. I have posted below the photos of what they are selling, and what I actually received in the mail. I would suggest against buying from them because I see a ton of people in the feedback having the same issues. Unfortunately I didn’t see the feedbacks before I placed the order but I will be sure next time to keep an eye out for that. The order was for Venus Fly Traps and Pitcher Plants.

Here’s what they were advertising:

Here’s what I actually received:




What do you guys think? Does it resemble the images at all?
Now, I know that I wasn’t going to get what was exactly pictured, I’m not stupid. But c’mon, those plants were not in good shape at all. They could have at least sent some decent looking ones.

I’m going to try everything I can to get these back in shape, and in the meantime, file a claim in hopes that they fix their error.
If anyone has some suggestions please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

Edit: These unfortunately didn’t make it, no matter how hard I tried. Also, they did end up refunding my money, but I would have rather had healthy plants on arrival or even a replacement with ones that looked more like in the images promoted.

Dro Simoes
Dro Simoes
Hi! My name is Dro Simoes but people generally call me "The Dro". I'm the bassist for Deadstar Assembly and I also own a rock-themed beauty salon with my girl in lakewood, CO called Seven Sins Salon. I'm a huge fan of wildlife, hiking, programming, music, art and much more!


  1. Gummibear says:

    Hey Dro, Kinda ironic i was researching this place on Google because i was going to buy a bonsai from them and I came across a familiar name on the search results lol. Its Stephanie (Gummibear) don’t know if you remember me its been ages sense the last time i saw ya. Any way I think ill wait on getting one for now.

    • The Dro says:

      Hi! Nice to hear from you again! 9GreenBox on Amazon comes up as one of the first for the search results when looking for plants, but unfortunately I’ve had bad experiences with them. They did refund me but I’d rather get a plant in good shape and I heard from a lot of people that this is the case with their products.

  2. carley says:

    Same issue where do I go to complain or get a refund

    • The Dro says:

      You can complain to the company and they will refund your money. They did for me and they let me keep the plants but unfortunately, the didn’t make it.

  3. ray says:

    Ordered from 9greenbox 2 to 5 day delivery now update 2 to weeks delivery! Hope plants make it will not order again.

  4. paul says:

    I had a friend send me a Bougainvillea bonsai. It wasn’t even close. And it is almost dead. I will try and revive it but it makes me very sad, the poor plant, and my friend who lives in Bogota who wanted to give a special gift.

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