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April 12, 2009
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June 16, 2009
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OKLAHOMA CITY (June 16) -- Bothered that an ambulance driver failed to yield to him as he raced to provide backup on a call — and angered further when he thought the driver flipped him an obscene gesture — state Trooper Daniel Martin decided to stop the ambulance and give the driver a piece of his mind. Now here's the story and a piece of mine...

I become more and more disappointed every day with America’s state troopers and police departments. I’ve got way too many stories of incidences where they were incredibly wrong and no one has done anything about it.

People didn’t just begin hating cops for the hell of it. There’s obviously many reasons why the police departments are not only feared, but abhorred.

Today I read an article in the news about a state trooper in Oklahoma City, Daniel Martin, who decided to pull over an ambulance. He was Bothered when the ambulance driver failed to yield to him as he raced to provide backup on a call and thought the driver flipped him an obscene gesture.

The troopers’ lawyer claimed he didn’t realize there was a patient in the back of the ambulance. The patient in the back of the ambulance was being taken to the hospital and his son rode with them. The son proceeded to take out his cell phone and video tape the incident from the back of the ambulance and captured the whole thing.

Apparently, once the trooper pulled them over, a Paramedic jumped out from the back and demanded that Martin speak with him instead of the driver.

“You get back into the ambulance, I’m talking to the driver,” the trooper yelled.

The paramedic replied, “I’m in charge of this unit, sir.”

Martin tells the driver he’s going to get a ticket for failure to yield. “I ain’t going to be putting up with that shit,” Martin said. “You understand Me!?”

Then the paramedic said, “And I won’t be putting up with you talking to my driver like that.”

The situation kept getting worse and escalating while the paramedic repeatedly told Martin he had a patient he needed to take to the hospital and Martin just kept yelling for him to get back into the ambulance.

The trooper later claimed he didn’t know there was a patient in the back and that he either didn’t hear it or it didn’t register.

I personally believe he didn’t give a shit. His pride was hurt and all of a sudden he must have felt that he was right, as most cops do in a situation like that. This was way out of control and got to a point where the trooper grabbed the paramedic by the neck and proceeded to try arresting him.

These type of stories are becoming all too common these days. Troopers are filled with control issues and feel that their badge gives them the right to act so ridiculous that even stopping an ambulance seems like it’s an okay thing to do. What I don’t get is, if he was in a rush to provide backup to another officer, what the hell gave him enough time to do a traffic stop? It makes no sense to me and never will. No need to cry like a little bitch with a skinned knee and shit just because he was not “yielded” to.

What kind of society has this become where we have bullies with badges running around full of ego and letting it get in the way of their job. Someone needs to do some deflating around here…

Dro Simoes
Dro Simoes
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  1. Kyd Syd says:

    Yo…. The worst cops ever come from logan city utah. I got charged with six fucking felonies for a bag of weed. They also tried to charge me with a felony for a seat belt ticket….bullshit!!! No lie… Now a convicted felon. Great!!!! It does help my credibility as an up and coming musician though….ha ha!!!

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