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Riddick In the Yard
June 1, 2016
Scout & Doggie Snuggling at the beach in south florida
The Fox and the Hound
June 4, 2016
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the dro photoshop contest slate
Today I was organizing some photos and I came across some that were just perfect for the WARS again. If you didn't know about the WARS, it all started about 14 years ago when we setup an online discussion forum over at Deadstar.com. I made a funny photoshopped image of our guitarist, Dreggs that said SAY NO TO DREGGS with his face photoshopped onto a pamphlet image with the intended original message of, "Say no to drugs". Fans started creating these amazing images in order to join in on the fun and it took off quick! I would love to see what you guys can create with an image I have prepped for you. Download the PSD over there to the right and do what you will! I will pick out a winner a month from now and I'll send you a little something special.
The Dro Transparent Photoshop Contest Image

The Rules

  • Send the photo to me in any way. Email, Facebook, Instagram... whatever you want.
  • Send in the photo before the end of this month to be in the drawings
  • You don't have to keep it family friendly but there's more of a chance of your photo winning if it is because I don't want to share it only to get it pulled down from all the social networks.
  • You don't have to use the image I included. Feel free to google, "The Dro" to find other funny images you can use.

My Favorites

These are some of the photos that I hand picked to show you guys how hilarious this can get:
Dro Simoes
Dro Simoes
Hi! My name is Dro Simoes but people generally call me "The Dro". I'm the bassist for Deadstar Assembly and I also make videos on my youtube channel. I'm a huge fan of wildlife, programming, music, art and much more!

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