Deadstar Assembly Florida Tour w/ Combichrist, iVardensphere, & StarKiller

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February 7, 2011
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April 8, 2011
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Deadstar Assembly will be joining Combichrist at ALL Florida dates (Jacksonville, Orlando, WPB, and St. Pete) of Monsters on Tour 2011! Get your tix now at!

Dro Simoes
Dro Simoes
Hi! My name is Dro Simoes but people generally call me "The Dro". I'm the bassist for Deadstar Assembly and I also make videos on my youtube channel. I'm a huge fan of wildlife, programming, music, art and much more!


  1. ah 🙂 so he’s a new artist?

  2. Dro Simoes says:

    Dana, yes, he’s a very talented artist. I’m sure he’ll do great.

  3. The guys at the top looks darn ol scary LOL

  4. Dana Rose says:

    I’m so excited Abbey Nex is playing with combichrist 🙂

  5. ah! I would love to come down then Dro!

  6. that poster came out awesome 🙂

  7. Kevin Clark says:

    Yeah because if it was Ya’lls tour there would be a spot in Pensacola, right? haha 🙂

  8. Dro Simoes says:

    Trust me, I would love to do the rest of the tour but these shows are Combi’s show’s not ours. They asked us to only do the FL shows.

  9. its an april fools joke for those of us who DONT live in Fl. wtf guys shoe the rest of us some love 🙁

  10. Dro Simoes says:

    Oh man, that would SUCK!

  11. Tom Sawyer says:

    This is an April Fool’s joke… they’re teasing us with thoughts of a tour!

  12. Jasin Cadic says:

    Going to be such great shows!! Really cool you guys are on the Florida dates. Can’t wait!

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