Tuning Tutorial for Android Drag Racing Game

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Tuning Tutorial for Android Drag Racing Game

Are you looking for information on Tuning Tutorial for Android Drag Racing Game? Well, You’ve come to the right place!

This is just a basic How to article on How to Tune your Cars for the Android device based game called Drag Racing. My article is more of an opinion and what’s worked for me on a regular basis. It may not be the best way, but I’ve gotten ahead using this method and win about 80% of the races I enter.

Android Drag Racing Car Upgrade Page

Android Drag Racing Car Upgrade Page

Here’s the way I usually approach tuning my cars:

1. Nitrous.
Starting with Nitrous, 100%-110% has always worked the best for me. Usually when I try to give it more or less, I notice my race time drops immensely. Too much will make your tires skid out, too little won’t be enough of a push.

2. Final Drive.
This will depend on your car and what kind of start you want. You can bring this setting down in order to red-line without peeling out during take-off. I usually leave this setting around 3.2-3.7 to begin with and then tweak it after I’m done setting up the rest of the gears. I did notice with the more expensive, faster cars, Final drive usually works best when set below gear one. However, with some of the slower, lower level cars, they perform best when Final Drive is set higher than Gear 1.

3. 1st Gear and 2nd Gear.
I know that peeling out can lose some time for you. The more power your car has without the proper amount of grip will leave your car at a stand-still while your opponent takes off on you. Make sure to upgrade the tires and drop some of the weight on the car first, so your car is capable of gripping better during take-off. The lower you set these gears, the better grip your car will have during take-off. However, I’ve noticed that having a bit of slip during take-off is not necessarily a bad thing. When your car isn’t peeling out, it can also mean that you’re not really putting enough power to the wheels during take-off and your opponent car will quickly launch passed you. I usually set 1st Gear in an area where you can immediately switch to second gear with just the right amount of peel-out that leaves you taking off faster than the opponent car on the test screen. I go back and forth from the tuning screen to the test race screen to see which setting works the best for take-off depending on which car I’ve chosen.

Another thing to take note of is that second gear should be a lower number than first gear, but not too much. The idea is to be able to launch from first to second gear immediately and if you leave the second gear a lot lower than the first, your car will lag during the launch. For example, One of my car’s has 1st Gear set to around 3.4 while 2nd gear is set to around 2.8. Once I notice the car is launching faster than the opponent test race car, I know it’s time to move on to Gear #3.

Drag Racing

4. 3rd Gear.
The 3rd gear is the one I usually find the most important to get right. This one will affect two things; The first thing being whether or not you can hit Nitrous with enough grip to launch you forward without peeling out too much causing you to be left behind. The second thing you need to watch for is whether or not your android drag racing car is powerful enough to launch you to 4th Gear in an extremely short amount of time.

The 3rd gear is usually the first gear I set that has a large gap between its previous gear. So here’s another example; If my second gear is set to 2.8, I’d set my third gear to 1.7. It’s almost a whole number step down. This setting usually works for some of the faster cars such as the Novitec Rosso 599 GTB. As long as you have a lot of grip and most of the car’s weight reduced, this car is capable of performing with a high power at the higher gears if set correctly. If it lags a bit when you reach 3rd gear, this is a perfect timing to hit the nitrous to give it just enough power needed for you to zoom passed your opponent. I’ve noticed quite a few of my races where my opponent had a great launch and may have been way ahead of me from launching with nitrous, but as soon as I hit my 3rd gear and hit that nitrous, my car fly’s passed them no matter how far ahead they are.

5. 4th Gear.

Again, depending on what car you have will depend on which setting this gear will have. This gear is another one that you’ll just have to test out repeatedly until you get it right for the car you’re driving. This gear should be set a bit lower than the third gear so that it gives you enough room to accept the power of nitrous if used. I normally drop this setting around .3-.5 under whatever gear #3 is set to.

6. 5th, 6th, and 7th Gears.
I’ve noticed that these upper gears will make the difference in the top speed your car reached during the race combined with the Final Drive Setting. I’ve had car’s that run in the lower 9 Seconds in the ¼ Mile race, but then I change the 5th and 6th gear slightly and I lose a whole .2-.4 seconds off my time. In order to get these settings right, I usually set them just a tad bit lower than the gears before it but make sure when I test race the car, that my final top speed hasn’t dropped. After running a few test races, I’ll notice which setting takes my car to gradually launch passed the opponent car just before the finish line. Once I notice my test races are running real smooth and I’m winning most of them, I tweak the settings very minor. I’ll first save my best test race settings under the presets screen for whichever race I’m tuning for (1/4 Mile or ½ Mile). Once It’s saved, then I can slowly tweak my higher gears one at a time along with the Final Drive and see which changes pushes my car to a higher top speed. You’ll notice some gradual changes will make a very big difference on your race times. Thank god for the Saving Preset feature. There’s been a few times where I’ve forgotten to save my settings and then I have a hard time setting it back up for the car’s top speed. So make sure to always save if you win the test race by a gracious amount of time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this little article and I hope I’ve helped some of you come up with a new way to better tune your cars. I’ve notice some of my friends just constantly change the settings blindly until they get something they feel is good enough, and will win 50% of the time. Taking that extra moment to check your settings and tweak them little by little goes a long way in winning the races more often.

I’ve really hated the fact that a lot of people in the Android Drag Racing community have kept their settings and tuning techniques as a guarded secret like the world will end if anyone finds out. I understand that this is a competition game but it still makes a big difference in how someone actually races the car. I’ve seen two people with the same exact settings race, and one of them still win each time. It all has to do with how you shift gears, when you shift them, and how quickly you use up your nitrous. I’m not afraid to give out my settings and I invite those of you who agree with me, to share your settings in the comments below. I believe that helping each other out will also force us to challenge ourselves a little more as well so that even if someone is using a similar setting as us, we come up with a better strategy to shave even more time off our final race times.

Example of Android Drag Racing - Muscle Car Losing over Import

7. Type of Cars:

Last, but definitely not least, the type of car you use makes a big difference in how well you’ll perform in your races. I’ve seen a lot of the American muscle cars get left behind on a numerous amount of races. I’m sure you’ve noticed as well that most of the foreign cars are the ones with the lowest race times in the game.

Here are some that’s consistently worked for me:

Level 3

BMW 328is E36
Upgrades: Fully Maxed out in upgrades
Tuning Settings: 1/2 Mile
NOS: 2.65s @ 113%
Final Drive: 3.454
1st: 3.450
2nd: 2.750
3rd: 1.921
4th: 1.068
5th: 0.836

Honda S2000
Upgrades: Fully Maxed out in upgrades
Tuning Settings: 1/4 Mile
NOS: 2.75s @ 109%
Final Drive: 3.926
1st: 3.223
2nd: 2.500
3rd: 1.806
4th: 1.379
5th: 1.000
6th: 0.539

Tuning Settings: 1/2 Mile
NOS: 2.84s @ 106%
Final Drive: 4.019
1st: 3.223
2nd: 2.500
3rd: 1.771
4th: 1.149
5th: 0.941
6th: 0.686

Level 4

Honda NSX
Upgrades: Fully Maxed out in upgrades
This car I haven’t tuned yet, and I still win most of the races with it.

Level 6

Novitec Rosso 599 GTB (*This car is my favorite)
Upgrades: Stage 2 Engine, Stage 2 Turbo, Stage 3 Intake, Stage 2 Nitrous, Stage 4 Weight, Stage 4 Tires.
Tuning Settings: 1/4 Mile
NOS: 2.66s @ 113%
Final Drive: 4.100
1st: 3.442
2nd: 2.716
3rd: 1.700
4th: 1.344
5th: 1.000
6th: 0.760

If you guys have settings that have worked better for you, please feel free to share them on here. If you’re one of those people that keeps your settings secretly guarded, then that’s fine too. I hope my tutorial and opinions have helped you in some way as well. Have fun and good luck!

Dro Simoes
Dro Simoes
Hi! My name is Dro Simoes but people generally call me "The Dro". I'm the bassist for Deadstar Assembly and I also make videos on my youtube channel. I'm a huge fan of wildlife, programming, music, art and much more!


  1. nick says:

    Your tune for BMW 3 sucks

    • Facebook Profile photo Dro Simoes says:

      Probably, but this was also a tune that worked for me when I originally made this post in 2011. Maybe now that the game has been updated, the settings don’t work as well. This is why I also mentioned that this is what has worked for me then, but may not work for everyone.

  2. Shelby500 says:

    Hi, I’m running on my level5 Shelby ½mile 14.8s need help on tunning it better any ideas? Thanks.

  3. Newton says:

    Do this tunings change with game versions

  4. Weed says:

    i got a nismo 370z maxed out at level 4.any tuning ideas?

  5. vince says:

    need lamborghini marcielago tuning.fully upgraded.cant get faster than 8.02 in 1/4 mile.trying to get it to 7.9 or 7.8 secs in 1/4 mile.can someone please help me out.

  6. d_sway says:

    whats the best gear tune for Mercedes-Benz CLS63 AMG ? please help

  7. Ben says:

    i’ll share venom gt full upgrade…
    n2o: 2.00s / 150%
    fd: 2.326
    1st gear: 1.536
    2nd gear: 1.122
    3rd gear: 0.902
    4th gear: 0.718
    5th gear: 0.400
    6th gear: 0.400

    launch at 7.500 rpm and nos at 2nd gear
    my best time 1/4 mile: 7.532s

  8. HIGHREV TEAM says:

    we have some tunes for this game,,, feel free to visit at: https://www.facebook.com/DragRacingTuneByMajorSlick

  9. Faizal says:

    Please info for setting tuatara 1/4 & 1/2?????thxyu

  10. oz22 says:

    what is the best gear on charger srt8 level 5 pleas.

  11. tschua says:

    I have one purple Nissan 370Z, I hope can tune it better, below is my tuning for 1/4 Mile, my time is 10.100s.

    Fully Upgrade
    Tuning Settings: 1/4Mile
    NOS: 5.00s @ 60%
    Final Drive: 2.300
    1st: 4.120
    2nd: 3.200
    3rd: 2.500
    4th: 1.700
    5th: 1.500
    6th: 0.686

    • tschua says:

      Fully Upgrade
      Tuning Settings: 1/4Mile
      NOS: 5.00s @ 60%
      Final Drive: 2.300
      1st: 4.120
      2nd: 3.200
      3rd: 2.500
      4th: 2.000
      5th: 1.700
      6th: 1.500

  12. Tay says:

    Im stuck on level 7 any suggestions on car and tuning i should use i really need help

  13. Travis deskins says:

    Helped a lot thanks ford rs 2000 blows away 599 btw

  14. idonedoneit says:

    been playing this game longer than i care to admit. before this last update i had a lvl9 aero that was doing 11.144 in the 1/2..i’m dilligently working on achieving that time again thru much trial and error. anyone have any tips? advice? right now my best is 11.917@256mph

  15. novan says:

    guys, i used to play drag racing last year, i got the fastest car, but i was busy with my college then i stop to play it, now when i want to play it again i forget the website to tunning any car for 1/4 or 1/2 mile, could anyone tell me the web? thanks before

  16. Jacob says:

    Need Honda NSX-R tune please

    • kyle says:

      on quarter mile i get an average of 9.8’s
      and on half mile i average 15.2’s
      it is a second gear tune use nitro’s on 3rd gear right after shifting out of 2nd gear
      it is upgraded all the way
      the tune is:
      n20 duration is (5.0) 60%
      final drive is 3.357
      1 st gear is 3.285
      2nd gear is 2.500
      3rd gear is 1.610
      4th gear is 1.31
      5th gear is .935
      6th gear is .730

  17. dale says:

    Might be a dumb question guys but since. The lastest. Update I can’t find the option. To sell your car anymore?

  18. pedalist says:

    Word up guys can someone please help me with the mitsubishi lancer tuning.

  19. brandon says:

    I have the AM One -77, can anyone tell me what their best time is and what upgrades and tunes they have. I have the upgrades 0_1_0_0_1_3 with stock tune and have reached 9.499 on the 1/4 hitting perfect all the way down. Anyone have anything better they would like to share?

  20. juan says:

    hola estoy estancado en el nivel 4 porfavor alguien sabe como ganar y con cual coche gracias

  21. mashhood mukhtar says:

    guys anyone got tune for novict rosso level 7 with upgrades 4,4,3,4,3,2

  22. max says:

    Hey i have a lamborghini gallardo lp 570 on level 5 with this upgrades 0-1-1-4-5-1 do you have the tuning for 1/2 mile


  23. lucky says:

    What is the tune up for ssc ultimate aero?

  24. lucky says:

    wat is the tune of ssc ultimate aero

  25. xavier says:

    Got tunes for rx8 ?

  26. xavier says:

    Need tunes for EVO. Please help. Just need to beat couple of friends. Not beat the world. Just don’t want to admit I picked the wrong car.

    • eric says:

      try this set up for your evo. I am getting consistant 8.767 times in 1/4 mile:

      Upgrades: engine 3, turbo 3, int/ex 3 , N2O 3 ,weight 2, wheel 3
      N20 100%
      final – 3.480
      first – 2.220
      sec – 1.500
      third – 1.280
      fourth – 1.110
      fifth – 0.970

      launch at about 5-6000 rpm and hit your N2O when you shift into second. Evo is a great ride.

  27. warox says:

    gan bagi tips seting tuning AMOne77 full Upgrd

  28. Robert says:

    I tried your tune, The best I got with it, after tweaking it a bit was 10.315

    I tried this tune:

    and now I’m getting 10.209.

  29. saeyf says:

    How should i tune the aston martin, all leveld up? Level 7?

  30. stereoshaker says:

    i have aston martin one 77 at level 7 full tuned any tips for set up and i cant pass aston martin at 1mile race at level 7 please help

    • Sanjay Washington says:

      Gear 1 – 3.895
      Gear 2 – 2.425
      Gear 3 – 1.820
      Gear 4 – 1.500
      Gear 5 – 1.320
      Gear 6 – 1.170
      N2O – 3.00@100%

    • Friti says:

      Nitrous : 2,88s
      final drive 2107
      1st 3000
      2nd 2552
      3rd 2047
      4th 1717
      5th 1490
      6th 1332

      Full throttle at start, shift immediately (slide finger to shift while gassing at start)
      nos at 2nd gear and keep hitting perfect shifts,
      you’ll go super fast!

  31. john crawford says:

    Am one 77 maxed upgrades lvl 7 any tips on best tune to run better than 19.4xx in the mile

  32. TheMoonBear says:

    I am running a 10.222 on my honda I tryed your stats but it just made my car do a 10.600..so I set it back to mine never loses, the nissans get close.

  33. Anyone have any tips on a callaway c16 or tuning at all because I am new to the game and would like any kind of help

  34. djvixtor says:

    i need help tuning my bmw m3 e92.im getting low 14’s in the 1/2 but i feel it can do better can some one give me some upgrade ideas.i’ve upgraded everything to max.

  35. andreas says:

    Any tips for tuning the level 2 porche 911 carrera 997 for 1/4 mile? Can it get below 10 seconds?

  36. aldi says:

    koo ga bisa bos, lvl 3 saya pake honda s2000.
    ayoo ganti’in respect saya… :'(

  37. Spinningbone says:

    I tryed your set up for the honda S2000 and was running about a 10.600 – 10.550. I tweked it a little and was able to run 10.319.

    Nitrous- 3.48
    Final Drive- 3.866
    1st gear- 3.158
    2nd gear- 2.630
    3rd gear- 2.075
    4th gear- 1.602
    5th gear- 1.158
    6th gear- 0.936

    This is a great set up for 1/4 mile track. Hit nitro at 3rd gear and it should take you through 5th gear. Very rarely do i hit 6th unless i mess up the take off…

  38. GIJSLISSE says:

    any tips on tuning novitech rosso lvl 6???

    • GIJSLISSE says:

      never mind got a pretty good one
      engine 2
      turbo 2
      intake 3
      nitro 2
      weight 4
      tires 4

      nos 100 %
      FD 3.357
      1st 3.000
      2nd 2.200
      3rd 1.490
      4th 1.180
      5th 0.930
      6th 0.750

      1/2 mi: 13.3XX
      1/4 mi: 9.1XX

  39. ray6741 says:

    how do I need to tune the audi I’m running 8.03 n really would like to get under 7

  40. ray6741 says:

    How do I tune the audi I’m running 8.03 n want to get under 7 how can I get there

  41. Kodok says:

    I have Aston martin one 77 at lvl 5
    Upgrade 1,1,1,0,1,1..
    Fd: 3.600
    1st : 3.150
    2nd : 1.700
    3rd : 1.440
    4th : 1.150
    5th : 0.950
    6th : 0.850

    Lunch at 2nd gear n hit the nos as soon as hit 3rd gear..I usually got 14.05x..sometime 14.04x..
    Anyone can help to get 13.9xx..??

    • jorge a. says:

      Aqui dejo las configuraciones del coche: Aston Martin One 77 en nivel 5: fd 1.852, 1st gear 3.360, 2nd gear 2.760, 3rd 2.390, 4th gear 2.090, 5th gear 1.860, 6th gear 1.660. Con esta configuracion he llegado hacer 13.983. el lanzamiento es a 6500 rpm y el cambio de marcha es a 8200, bueno eso es todo pueden agregarme en el juego JC09. saludos

      • fiko earl says:

        To: George
        My Best Time AM One-77 in level.5
        Just: 1/4mi 9.406s and 1/2mi 13.986
        Thanks for tune, I’ll attempt that..

        • Sanjay Washington says:

          Best of 1/4 mile is 8.697
          1 gear – 3.895
          2 gear – 2.425
          3 gear – 1.820
          4 gear – 1.500
          5gear- 1.320
          6 gear – 1.170
          Nitro @ 3.00 for 100%
          release the nitro at 2gear

  42. 420silent420 says:

    I finally got past lvl 9 but now I am stuck on the lvl 10 1 mile race. I have the Hennessy fully upgraded and running a 10.900 1/2 but still can’t seem to beat it. Any suggestions on tunes or car would be appreciated.

    • Geoff Seymour says:

      I used the SSC Ultimate Aero with tunes of
      Final drive -2.924
      shift to second gear at the start, and you should reach speeds of 318+ my top is 323 mph.

      • trav says:

        the bugatti 16.4 ss is the perfect car for that race, because of its take off.it puts u so far ahead that your opponent cant catch up.ive gotten up to 500+ mph.

  43. justus says:

    i have novitec rosso fully upgraded and tuned. it runs about 12.4 on half mile. people still beat me with the same car! does anyone have a really good half mile tune for it?

  44. mike says:

    ur honda s2000 on level 3 sucks, mine is way faster.. still trying ur other settings, but looks bad for me.


  45. Chad says:

    I got addicted to this game and played for a couple hours before realizing it.

  46. last movr says:

    i can get am one 77 to 12.860.. u can get d tunning on my facebook.. add me dafiq ilhaq from gresik indonesia or perry_katy on drag racing.. thx

  47. mubz102 says:

    to all those who messed up their tuning… go to presets under tuning and load “stock”. that brings it bak to default.

  48. Lance says:

    What car do I need to use on lvl 6

  49. timo says:

    Can someone post the default agerra r gear ratios.I’ve stuffed with mine and can’t get it right.by Fobigotry super sport and I get r all the aspiring racers I’ve got a level 10 agerra and level 10 Veyron super sport .I get 7.7 on half mile on both agerra maxed out and veyron 4,4,2,2,2,3.both with standard default not tuned.no cheats either

  50. newbie_racer says:

    hi everyone..ive been playing this game for 3 days straight and its addicting.i just upgrade everything i see. but there are times i cant win. then i found out about tuning nad ive been reading all of your comments and im really confuse. i dont know if im a moron or just dont know much about racing. is there anyway possible you can teach or explain to me whats the numbers are for

    BMW 328is E36
    Upgrades: Fully Maxed out in upgrades
    Tuning Settings: 1/2 Mile
    NOS: 2.65s @ 113% – whats 2.65s for?
    Final Drive: 3.454 – whats final drive?
    1st: 3.450 – i really dont know what this is
    2nd: 2.750 if its the time i change the
    3rd: 1.921 the gear or the number of rpm.
    4th: 1.068
    5th: 0.836

    sorry i dont know much
    thank in advance.

  51. Grugge says:

    AM One-77 is a great car, will keep you winning most of your races through levels 5 to 7!

    Once you get it fully upgraded, try the following tune to get quite a good performance:

    1/4mi, 8,547s
    1/2mi, 12,473s

    Start at 6000ish, hit the nitro right after switching to 2nd gear.

    N 2,34s @ 128%
    F 2,831
    1 1,896
    2 1,680
    3 1,411
    4 1,227
    5 1,060
    6 0,934

    • jerome says:

      Thank you!!! This definately works. Been trying to beat AM One 77 in career mode for days. Finally did after your tuning.

    • deane says:

      can u share with me ur aston martin tuning for level 6.realy need it.thanks

    • tarantedong says:

      Hey man, I did 12.462 with your tune. Instead of hitting the nitro on the 2nd gear, hit it at right after switching to 3rd gear. Thanks man.

  52. 420silent420 says:

    I have a lvl 9 pagani zonda and I can get it as quick as 11.518 in the half but I’m having trouble beating the lvl 9 boss. Does anyone have a tune for the lvl 9 zonda any other car to use to beat lvl 9? Thanks

  53. Steele says:

    What cars should I use/buy for level 8, for 1/4mile and 1/2mile? Any ideas please comment!

  54. Kieran says:

    Hey, I’m on the aston Martin 1 mile race on level 7, any ideas on what car/upgrades/tune I could use to beat him?

    • Steele says:

      I used the Aston Martin One-77 and the setup I used is.

      Its fully upgraded

      NOS- stock
      FD- 2.970
      1st- 2.140
      2nd- 1.850
      3rd- 1.550
      4th- 1.300
      5th- 1.120
      6th- .900

  55. Jussi from Finland says:

    You are a god. Amen.

  56. Mubz102 says:

    I have a koeniggsegg agera R. could someone please help me tune it. i do 14.831 on 1/2 mile. wud be much appreciated..

  57. mubz102 says:

    if anyone cud help with my agera R… wud be appreciated. got a best time of 14.831 on 1/2 at lvl 8.

  58. J05KI says:

    i just started playing abt a week ago, i was in LOVE with my maxed honda s2000 and its 15.7-8 1/2 mile times until i started getting beaten by other hondas with times of 15.4-5 tips?

    • KR_FRZ says:

      Nitrous : 4.300 s
      1. 4.000
      2. 3.130
      3. 1.900
      4. 1.480
      5. 1.300
      6. 1.120
      fd: 3.100

      best time 1/2 mile = 15.515 s
      now i’m trying to break the 0.5 limit but cant seems to find it. i’ve been trying every possibilities i could think of…

  59. GTen3 says:

    Everything in here slows down my times. This guide doesnt differentiate which helps torque and what helps horsepower. No settings are overall better

    • Facebook Profile photo The Dro says:

      You have to take in consideration which cars you’re tuning. Some do better with higher settings on some gears while other do better with lower settings. The sure-fire way to get the best tuning is really to play around with the setting but take what I wrote into consideration.

  60. john john says:

    12.561 with AM one-77 in the 1/2 mile and about 8.7 on the 1/4 mile…. fully upgraded by the way
    N.D. stock
    F.D. 2.970
    1st 2.140
    2nd 1.850
    3rd 1.550
    4th 1.300
    5th 1.120
    6th 0.900
    hope this helps

  61. john john says:

    12.561 with AM one-77
    N.D. stock
    F.D. 2.970
    1st 2.140
    2nd 1.850
    3rd 1.550
    4th 1.300
    5th 1.120
    6th 9.000
    hope this helps

  62. Alexander L. says:

    Oops I forgot to mention the BMW M3 is maxxed out with all the upgrades, goodluck everyone this is a great thread glad to c everyone like to share the wealth reminds me of the DSM clubs I go to for my real car

  63. Alexander L. says:

    I have the BMW M3 E92

    Best 1/2 mile is 14.520
    Best 1/4 mile is 9.699
    Not to big on the 1/4 mile cus u get paid more on 1/2

    Final drive-3.430

    Been addicted to this game for two days now, been testing agaist my car for half a day still working on the tune. To beat the computer you can either make a perfect launch or just let the game launch you and shift to second at a good shift (not perfect or he will take u) shift to third at a good shift and hit the nitrous, then hit a perfect shift for the rest and u will beat him and every other car on that level,the computer will hit a 14.261 everytime (just don’t over rev) So i need to work on the tune alittle more cant seem to beat the boss on level five with this car I’ve tried a bunch of other cars and wasted money and rp so anyone know a good level three or four car to max out and start winning higher levels. Thanks, Alx

    • HoeStopLyin says:

      Try this.. no2 3.00@100%
      fd 2.500
      1 5.000
      2 3.270
      3 2.150
      4 1.840
      5 1.570
      6 1.390

      Red line launch in 2nd gear. use no2 when going to 3rd

  64. Irby7Florida says:

    Okay so I got the nissan R35 for the level five career 1/2 mile races and I just can’t win.. anyone got any suggestions on tunes or different lvl 5 cars that’ll work?

  65. Towelhead90 says:

    Thanks for all the posts…..im stuck on level 5… not sure which car to buy so far have brought the brabus (read online thats a good start) however upgraded and went to level 6….upgraded the porche 911 and thats stuck on level 4 🙁

    My BMW M3 is my baby she runs 9.599 🙂 but i average at about 9.610-9.615

    anyways any help on what car to get to beat the level 5 offline would be great!!!

  66. ElyeRell says:

    Someone please tell me how to tuning Porsche Carrera GT for 1/4.

    • Radioak7iv says:

      I have a Porsche Carrera and I won’t release my actual tuning settings but I’d recommend a high FD and low gears (3.2 to .9). Mine is almost a level 7 (refuse to upgrade anymore) with maxed out tires, nitro, weight and engine. Good luck! Maybe I’ll see you around in game 😉

      • AkshaY says:

        dude? am stuck at level 5 bought porsche 911
        but i maxed out all upgrades still its on level 4
        does this car reach to level 5?

  67. zombigrn says:

    crap just noticed I put 1/2 mile instead of 1/4 in my last post.

  68. Kenny says:

    I can’t beat level 10. Need settings bad for running and witch car to use on 1 mile and the rest from there. 1/4 mile and boss. Help please and thanks.

  69. techno says:

    Clocked a monster 8.819 on lambo gallardo no tuning level 7 and only 3bupgrades left to max out

  70. zombigrn says:

    BMW M3
    Level 4
    Engine and Turbo stage 5
    Intake/exhaust stage 4
    Nitro Stage 4
    Weight stage 2
    Wheel stage 5

    10.2 in a 1/2
    Nitrous 150%
    F.D. 3.746
    1st 3.257
    2nd 2.582
    3rd 2.048
    4th 1.650
    5th 1.403
    6th 1.029

    Hold the gas pedal, redlining it, as soon as you go shift to second, try to perfect shift or good shift and as soon as you hit third hit nitrous. This will give you a constant 10.2
    But if you shift normal, first, second and third etc, you will get 10.3 constant even with 100% nos

    I’m new to the game but took me awhile to tune from 10.8 to 10.6 then to 10.3. if anyone can help me out it would be cool to get it lower using my set up, i like to hold gas pedal and redline my cars 😛

  71. Emmanuel Obeng says:

    Here is my tune for the Hennessey Venom GT. I am consistently gettting 10.898 with it, sometimes a little quicker or slower by 0.002. Some racers are getting quicker times this is not the best tune. I am still working on it so if I get better a tune I will post it.
    NO2 2.03 @ 148%
    FD 1.301
    1st 3.860
    2nd 3.189
    3rd 2.550
    4th 2.250
    5th 1.940
    6th 1.740
    Immediately shift to 2nd and do perfect shifts throughout to get the best times.

  72. teotere says:

    Hello, truly a great job down here! XD
    The Dro I checked your setting for s2000 on 1/2 mile but i can’t get more than 15.7xx. The problem is that many guys with an s2000 runs even belove the 15′! How do they get that timing? =O
    PS: english isn’t my native language, so I apologize since now =D

  73. Maky says:

    Can somebody write me the upgrades and tuning for AM one 77 for 1/4 mile?

  74. sam says:

    i got a veyron16.4 with 5-4-5-5-4-4 upgrades and it does 7.7xx in 1/4 mile but I want 7.3xx.does anyone has tune for it?????

  75. sam says:

    i have a lvl 10 veyron 16.4 with 5-4-5-5-4-4 upgrades n my car goes arnd 7.8 in1/4 mile n i want 7.3 odd.can any one help with the tunes???

  76. gysperf says:

    hey guys i think the 1/4 mile lvl 4 boss is impossible, the best time is a 9.5 for a bmw m3 but the lambo goes a 9.4

    so if any1 knows how to beat it…..

  77. graniss says:

    Any tips of tuning skyline? Cause I see that level3 league controlled by skyline and want to know how are they tuned?

    • htbeemer says:

      9.962 skyline tuned
      lauch betwee 5000-5500
      nos with second

      nos 2.79
      fd 4.027
      1st 4.545
      2nd 2.239
      3rd 1.840
      4th 1.560
      5th 1.350
      6th 1.165

  78. arturj says:

    AM one-77 best time 12.872 on 1/2mile from 1st gear start

    to achieve this you need to try to get around 7000RPM to start with and shift at around 8100 every time NO on the shift from 2nd to 3rd gear

    upgrades 1,4,2,4,5,5


    hope it works for you also if anyone got a better time with 2nd gear tune or general better time let me know

  79. dRAG rACER says:

    CAN ANY ONE HELP ME TUNE MY Koenigsegg Argera R and lvl 10 Bugatti Veryon 16.4 S S


  80. Tunker says:

    My BMW m3 e92 is the best.
    My rank in level 4 of Pro Leage is #1
    my name is Jimmer8
    Add me as a friend I will post my tune soon.

    • Tunker says:

      Upgrade yor BMW M3 E92 all the way.
      This is how you should tune it if you want good times

      NO 100%
      Final Drive 3.150
      1st 2.605
      2nd 1.808
      3rd 1.550
      4th 1.344
      5th 1.187
      6th 1.070

      My best time is 14.381, I average 14.390.
      To get these times you need to get a perfect launch (around 6500 RPM) then you must shift at the end of the perfect shift light or right after the perfect shift light.

      Again ad me as a friend my name is Jimmer8

  81. mharz says:

    i can get 9.609 with just scrolling back and forth the gear ratios. tip. 2nd gear 2.110 5th 1.030

  82. emjay1214 says:

    The best I have done on this is 12.364 for 1/2 mile – some guys are getting 12.2xx. Anyone better than this
    Ferrari Novitec Rosso 599 – L7
    NO 2.48 @ 121%
    F 2.4810
    1st 2.2070
    2nd 1.9310
    3rd 1.6750
    4th 1.5100
    5th 1.3500
    6th 1.1900

  83. chazzmo_1981 says:

    Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport

    Nitrous – 2.00 @ 150%
    Final Drive – 2.16
    1st Gear – 3.670
    2nd Gear – 2.746
    3rd Gear – 2.312
    4th Gear – 1.782
    5th Gear – 1.636
    6th Gear – 1.404
    7th Gear – 1.053

    I’m averaging 11.150 and have hit 11.115 before. But just a couple of times. i can’t seem to get it under 11. I have to have the nitrous all the way up right now because in the tuning you race against another car and he smokes me if I have it any lower than that. I don’t have all the upgrades. The only ones that I am missing are the last Intake/Exhaust, Nitrous and Weight. If I get those maybe I could get the times that i want. Maybe you could look at it. I am also playing on the Iphone but I don’t think that has anything to do with it. Thank you for the tutorial. It helped out a lot.

  84. Emjay12144 says:

    Great game and thanks for sharing

  85. Tunker says:

    I have a level 10 Hennessey Venom GT maxed out on everything but I don’t know how to tune it. I can get 10.982 but I want to get 10.896.
    Please help me tune it.

    • Facebook Profile photo The Dro says:

      When I have a bit more time I’ll see what kind of speeds I can get and post my settings and results. Be sure to post on here what settings you are currently using, and what mods and level your car is. That way I can replicate what you’re doing and see if I can make it better and explain to you how I did it.

      • Tunker says:

        My Hennessey is maxed out in everything.
        This is my tuning:
        Nitrous 150%
        final drive is 1.045
        1st gear is 4.945
        2nd 3.710
        3rd 2.850
        4th 2.540
        5th 2.275
        6th gear is 2.040

        Thanks for the help.

      • bandon says:

        Hey man i maxed out my rosso 599 gtb and followed the tuning for it thanks like it. But award wondering if you had tuning for level 7 tuning thanks

  86. Tunker says:

    I have a Hennessey Venom Gt level 10 and I don’t know how to tune it so I can win.

    Please help

    • Facebook Profile photo The Dro says:

      Have you tried following the techniques in my tutorials? I have found that sometimes cars can only be tuned to much before they begin losing performance. They end up capping out for certain levels, but if you see others with the same car model and are much faster than yours, then you’re definitely tuning it incorrectly.

  87. Trud0 says:

    Hi !!
    I try to beat the boss of the level 4, in the 1 1/4 milles… with the bmw…mys best score is 9.6xx….and the boss with is Lamb is 9.4xx…..

    Help please!!!

  88. J. says:

    BMW M3 E92
    Fully Upgraded
    1/4 mi = 9.6xx
    1/2 mi = 14.4xx (usually 14.43x – 14.48x)

    NOS – 3s @ 100%
    FD – 3.635
    1st – 3.094
    2nd – 2.256
    3rd – 1.490
    4th – 1.174
    5th – 1.034
    6th – 0.920

    Hold pedal down, slide finger onto the paddle shifter so you can shift up as soon as the light is given. Youll basically start from second gear with the needle at the 6.5 mark. Hit NOS as soon as you shift into third. Try to get perfect shifts all the way through ingoring the first shift (1st gear to 2nd)

    Thanks Dro for your tutorial, bro. I was totally messing up my beamer and finally got the hang of tuning it without totally messing it up lol.

    • jacksonsinti says:

      my best for BMW M3 E9 is 14.419…but cannot beat someone named myTune in drag racing. he got 14.383 with same car…argh! help me tune this car!

  89. Ageingrodder says:

    Thanks for sharing. I love the competition “WITHIN THE RULES”. I have no use for the losers that go to the root to make a faster, absurd cars. Regardless if they reach the end first, they are still the LOSERS. They need to look in a mirror, because that’s the only person that will be proud of their accomplishments. There should be a category for cheaters so those of us that love true competition can enjoy the sport.

  90. Willie says:

    anyone have anything for the golf v1 i messed with the tuning and have no idea what it is lol

  91. : ) says:

    Stage 3
    Running a 1/4 mile in 10.311s on avarage

    Honda s2000

    Maxed out on upgrades
    Nos: 2.32
    FD: 4.140
    1st: 2.916
    2nd: 2.202
    3rd: 1.870
    4th: 1.731
    5th: 1.227
    6th: 0.971
    -tip- hit the NOS at the same time you shift up from 4th gear to 5th gear.

  92. Mark says:

    Level 4
    BMW M3 E92
    MAX all upgrades
    9.6xx .25mi

    NOS: 2.81s
    Final: 2.977
    1ST: 3.255
    2nd: 2.873
    3rd: 2.291
    4th: 1.860
    5th: 1.548
    6th: 1.270
    skip 1st launch from second hit nos as soon as you hit third then perfect shift all the way to the finish

    • Facebook Profile photo The Dro says:

      Thanks for contributing! I have a new tuning for my LV6 GTB that’s almost 9.0 in the 1/4 Mile. I’m tweaking it a bit more to see if I can use it to hit the high 8’s and then I’ll post it.

    • Raggin Redneck says:

      I got the LEL 4 BMW M3 running a 9.615 at Nos 3.12 1st. 3.255 2nd. 2.873 3nd. 2.291 4th. 1.860 5th. 1.548 & 6th 1.270. But can’t get it any faster.

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