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Aug 26

Scout, My pet Fennec Fox

Posted on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 in Pets & Animals

Scout, my little buddy. Scout the Fennec Fox is about 7yrs old now and still looks like a little fox kit. He’s such a good boy in comparison to a lot of pet fennecs I’ve seen online. So glad he’s in my life…


Scout the fennec fox
Nov 12

Playing Fetch with a Wolfdog

Posted on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 in Pets & Animals

Here is some video I shot on Sept 27th 2013 of me playing Fetch with our Wolfdog, Luna. Mel was cooking in the kitchen and sometime the best way to wear Luna out before dinner is to get her to run around as much as possible. This way when we put her in her kennel during dinner, she’ll just sleep and relax. She’s a great WD but still a puppy in this video (7mo old) so eating around her is very difficult because she not only begs, but she will actually fight to steal the food from your plate. She’s very persistent for sure and not shy when it comes to dinner at all.

Sep 27

Luna The Werewolf

Posted on Friday, September 27, 2013 in Pets & Animals

Every day after work I’ve been coming home and putting my wolfdog, Luna, on this tree tie out cable I purchased a few years ago for Doggie when she was still with us. I call these photos Luna the Werewolf because in that first photo she really does look like she’s a werewolf. When I first tied her to the tree, she took off running after one of the stray cats and ended up snapping her collar because she was running so fast that the force just snapped the whole thing and she kept running. Didn’t even phase her. However, the next time I got smart and made sure to connect the lead to her harness and her collar together. She took off running again and ended up flying 5 feet in the air and getting pulled back. I know it didn’t feel too good because she let out a loud yelp and came over and laid down in the grass calmly. Since then, she hasn’t taken off running anymore like she used to. I think she learned her lesson. When tied up to a tree, it’s probably not the smartest to take off running at full speed. I checked her thoroughly and made she she wasn’t hurt and luckily she was just in shock for a minute but didn’t seem like it hurt her at all when I felt around where her harness and collar were. She’s a pretty tough wolfdog as they normally are. It’s amazing how strong and powerful these guys are. I wouldn’t recommend anyone owning one unless they’ve had experience with them. I have known about them and worked with them in the past, and I’m still learning a lot from her on a regular basis. I do love the bond we have though. There’s an energy there that I just pick up on that’s different from any other animal I’ve ever worked with. Especially when you look into a wolfdogs’ eyes. It’s captivating.

Luna the werewolf

luna hanging with me in the backyard

Aug 10

GoPro on a Wolfdog

Posted on Saturday, August 10, 2013 in Pets & Animals

Have you ever wanted to see photos from a GoPro on a Wolfdog?
Today I got an early birthday present from my mom. She got me the GoPro Hero3 Black version along with the BacPac Battery and an extra 1050mAh battery. I’m pretty much happier than a pig in shit. I’m planning on doing some really cool things with it. One of the main things I wanted it for is to put on my guitar’s headstock during the Triton show that I’m performing at with Deadstar Assembly on Sept 6th, 2013. We’re playing with some really awesome bands and I think it’ll be bad ass to film the crowd with my bass guitar. I’m hoping that Dreggs will get one as well so that he can also tape from his angle.

Today I put the GoPro on Luna the Wolfdog so that you guys can watch what it looks like from her point of view. I am going to edit the video I took and post it up for you guys to see as well. For now, here’s a small gallery of photos that were taken by Luna the Wolfdog with the GoPro.

I learned a few things about how to shoot better footage when putting a GoPro on an animal. One of the main things I noticed right away was that her tags kept hitting the camera case and need to be removed so that it’s not constantly making tapping sounds against the plastic. The next thing I need to do is to better secure the camera on something, probably her harness, so that it’s not bouncing around as much when she’s walking or running. I’m going to bring her to the dog park once the batteries recharge so that I can test it out around other animals. Once she has it on for a few minutes she leaves it alone, but some animals may be bothered by it. I’m assuming that the bigger the animals, the easier it will be to cause less of a distraction for them while they are wearing it. One other thing I had to do was to put her leash around her collar and not on the tab where you normally attach a leash. That was actually where I tied the camera to. So if I put the leash there, When she pulled, the collar would spin around and bring the camera up with the leash. Maybe I’ll do a quick tutorial on it if anyone is interested in seeing how I did it.

I will post the video that was shot by Luna once I get a little more time to edit it. I want to cut out a lot of the bouncing around and put a song in the background so you don’t hear all the tapping from her collar.

Jul 24

The Sunburst Baboon Tarantula Ready for Resin

Posted on Wednesday, July 24, 2013 in Pets & Animals

The baboon spider, Pterinochilus murinus, an old-world tarantula. This species is normally found in Africa.

They’re known as “OBT,” which means “Orange Baboon Tarantula” or “Orange Bitey Thing,” in the Tarantula collector community. These nicknames were given to them in reference to the particular orange/copper color and they are usually prized for their beauty and confrontational personality.

This species is incredibly defensive and I wouldn’t ever recommend that anyone hold them. The bite from these little bastards are extremely painful even though they’re not that dangerous. They are more than willing to inflict a bite before presenting the typical threat display. And believe me, They Strike FAST. These are one of the select few tarantulas that get my heart racing because they move fast and will even chase you if they feel threatened. I used to own three of my own.

This one pictured here is a dead one that a friend of mine sent so that I can put it in my resin heart mold. I’m pouring the first couple layers of epoxy resin tonight so that I can begin setting it in for her. Even though I am sure that this one is dead, it still freaks me out just remembering how they can go from perfectly still to striking at such speeds that you’ll miss it if you were to blink.

I can’t wait to finish this one. I’m sure It’ll come out bad-ass!

Sunburst Baboon Tarantula

Here are her fangs for those of you who have never seen what they look like:

Sunbust Baboon Tarantula Fangs

Here’s a photo of her in the first layer:

First Layer of Resin on Sunburst Baboon Tarantula

In my previous post, you can see one of the other tarantulas that I cast into resin. It came out really nice and is going to go on my friend’s Halloween dress this year along with the dead frog that she purchased. Here is a link to the previous post so that you can see it:

You can find more of the pieces I make at:

Jul 22

Dead Bug Resin Necklaces

Posted on Monday, July 22, 2013 in Personal, Pets & Animals

I just added more of my necklaces on my etsy store. Be sure to check it out at

There are many cool new pieces that include my resin heart with carpenter ants, resin bee charm, millipede resin charm, and many more. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

image image
Jul 22

Grub Workout

Posted on Monday, July 22, 2013 in Pets & Animals

Here is a funny video I shot tonight of my grub working out. I believe this is a June Beetle Grub, I found him and a couple of his buddies in my garden so I decided to keep them until they turn into beetles so I can see exactly what kind of beetles they end up becoming if for some reason they are not June Beetles. This is a quick video of one of the Grubs getting ready for his big Metamorphosis transformation! Gotta Work Hard To Look Good!

Grub Workout Video

Jul 1

Cats play hide and seek with soda boxes

Posted on Monday, July 1, 2013 in Pets & Animals

Funny video of the cats playing Hide and Seek with Soda Boxes.

Falcore, my lilac point Siamese cat, has always had a thing for going inside boxes. From what I understand, so do most other cats. He loves getting a running start and sliding into these soda boxes but this time Skitz was around to play with him as well. Skitz wanted to get him out of the box and tried many different ways. It was almost like they were playing a form of hide and seek.

Jun 26

Zorak the Mantis Cleaning His Feet

Posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2013 in Pets & Animals
Here’s another cool photo of Zorak the Praying Mantis cleaning his Feet.

A Photo of Zorak the Mantis Cleaning His Feet

Click to Enlarge This Photo

Jun 24

Luna The Wolfdog Drinking From Faucet