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Jan 7

New Business – Seven Sins Salon in Lakewood, CO

Sep 9

Spending My Birthday with the Wild

Posted on Tuesday, September 9, 2014 in Personal

Mel and I went to Zoo Miami for my Birthday. I haven’t been feeling that great for the past couple weeks but I kind of forced myself to get up and get out for my bday. I actually ended up having a great time. I’ve been to zoo Miami before, It’s fucking huge! We spent all day walking around taking photos of the animals and even got to feed the Giraffes! I’ve been to a feeding in the past, but this was such a different experience for some reason. I had a great time, couldn’t have asked for a better date…

Here are some of the photos I’ve edited so far, I also have so many more great ones to post up:

Jul 13

My Vaping Review of the iTaste SVD, Ego-C Twist, FivePawns & Beard Juices

Posted on Sunday, July 13, 2014 in Personal

For those of you whom vape, I purchased a couple of vapors and a mod that I highly suggest if you’ve never tried them before. The flavor on the left is called Gambit from a company called five pawns. The flavor is apple pie with flaky crust, caramel, french vanilla ice cream, and whip cream all in one. Its a higher end liquid that’s about $30 for 30ml. Its 50pg/50vg blend and comes in 30ml bottles. The vape mod is the iTaste SVD with an aspire Nautilus tank. This tank is awesone because it has a variable air hole ring so you can adjust the amount of air as you want and it really affects the flavor too. The second flavor shown here is the Beard No.5. Its a strawberry NY cheesecake and its all I’ve been vaping lately. The Gambit is 6mg nicotine but the beard is only 3mg. I swear by these two flavors and if you’re into dessert type flavors, definitely try them!!!

iTaste SVD with Aspire Nautilus Tank

I was originally ordering the Gambit from the Five Pawns website, but found out that I could get it locally literally walking distance from my job. There’s a new vape lounge like 10 ft away from my job called The Vapor Club Boca. Everyone that works there is really awesome and it’s actually a cool place to hang out too. They have pool tables and comfy couches and it’s a really large warehouse type atmosphere. Definitely worth checking out if you’re ever anywhere near Boca Raton. They were the ones who introduced me to the Beard flavors and I highly recommend them. They are having a grand opening party at the end of this month too.

I haven’t smoked cigs anymore since I started vaping like 3-4 months ago. I believe cigs have anywhere from 18-24mg nicotine per cig so I decided to get 3mg and 6mg flavors and it’s basically like not having any nicotine at all. I haven’t even really wanted a cig since I started vaping. It tastes better, smells better, and you can vape indoors without worrying about staining shit brown or with that ashtray smell. Plus, you’ll save a ton of money in the long run.

Here’s the demo video I made using the Aspire Tank on the iTaste SVD:

Here’s the Video of the ProTank3 on the Ego-C Twist and Gambit Flavor:

They both hit pretty damn good. The tank makes a world of difference. I began using the kit tank that came with the Ego-C Twist and now that I’ve used better tanks, there’s no comparison to how much better the flavor is and how great they hit.

Sep 14

FedEx Employee Throwing Boxes

Posted on Saturday, September 14, 2013 in Music, News, Personal

It really sucks to see this FedEx Employee Throwing Boxes.

I know it’s more than likely a regular occurrence, but the thing that really bothers me about it is that so many employees that we trust to handle our stuff do this shit. It’s disrespectful and disgusting to see this. We were at Southwest Airlines last weekend getting on the plane for our NY Triton Festival show, and we asked the Airport Employees to put FRAGILE stickers on our equipment. I even politely asked them to handle my custom bass guitar with care because the coffin case I had it in was beginning to fall apart from years of abuse on the road while touring with Deadstar Assembly. Right when I turned around to walk away, I looked back for a second and watched them literally throwing our equipment cases onto the belt. They could have nicely set it down, but they chose to throw them instead. Before boarding the flight, we watched from the window as they loaded our gear onto the plane and the guy dropped Mubo’s keyboard on the ground and proceeded to throw the rest of our equipment onto the plane. It’s a shame, What’s the point of asking for Fragile stickers anymore? It seems like they see that and decide to throw it JUST BECAUSE it says FRAGILE on it. Pretty fucked up. What do you think about employees handling your belongings in this manner? Should they be fired immediately?

And here are more videos of eomployees throwing around someone’s belongings. You can find many more all over the internet too with a quick Google search:

Sep 1

NatalezWorld Interview With The Dro

Posted on Sunday, September 1, 2013 in Entertainment, Music, Personal

Check out the recent NatalezWorld Interview With The Dro.

It was just posted this past week and you can read all about the new upcoming Deadstar Assembly CD, Coat of Arms as well as talks about the upcoming Triton show in NY.

Check it out at:

Aug 7

Do Banks Accept Ripped Money?

Posted on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 in Personal

If you were wondering, Do Banks Accept Ripped Money, the answer is yes! Luna, our wolfdog, got a hold of Mel’s purse the other day and tore up money that was in her purse among other things. Sometimes in the morning we will let her out of her kennel and go back to sleep. Sometimes she’ll just play with her toys and watch people in the neighborhood getting ready for work out the window. Other times, she’ll get bored and find something to get into and destroy. This is just part of their nature and comes with the territory of owning an animal that still has a lot of wild instincts. There was a $20 bill that was completely torn up so I did some research online to see if the banks would accept the money. From what I understand, as long as you have at least 51% of the bill, (more than half of the bill) and as long as the serial numbers are still there and legible, they will accept the cash if it’s ripped. I joked around with the bank teller about how she should just put it in my bank account and I’ll come back for it another day. Then when she wanted to know why the money was all torn up, I told her a wolf ate it. She giggled and deposited my cash, but I knew she probably thought I was just kidding. I told her I wasn’t joking, and then I got a pink lollipop. And yes, I do feel better about it now. I’m not sure if it was the fact that she accepted the money or the lollipop, but I do feel much better. It’s probably the lollipop.

Thanks CHASE!
Jul 22

Dead Bug Resin Necklaces

Posted on Monday, July 22, 2013 in Personal, Pets & Animals

I just added more of my necklaces on my etsy store. Be sure to check it out at

There are many cool new pieces that include my resin heart with carpenter ants, resin bee charm, millipede resin charm, and many more. Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

image image
Jun 10

Stupid Spiney Burrgrass Seeds

Posted on Monday, June 10, 2013 in Personal

Last night Luna decided to pull up some grass in the front yard and accidentally bit on one of those sticker plants with the spiky seeds. Unfortunately, one of them got stuck to the roof of her mouth just behind her top front teeth. She was scratching at her mouth and threw up a bit when she came inside and I thought she got a Bufo toad but when I looked in her mouth and in her eyes i didn’t notice any sign of the poison. After a few minutes of inspecting, I noticed it and began trying to pull it out but she got a little aggressive and didn’t want us touching it at all. The adrenaline rush sucked because it made me all shaky since I hate seeing any of my pets in pain even if it’s something this small. I guess what I want to know is when something like this happens, what’s your advice on keeping them calm and trying to remove something foreign from their body since they do not know you’re just trying to help. After a few minutes, it ended up coming out on it’s own luckily, but it wouldn’t have been easy to fight her to keep her mouth open to pull something like that out. Especially when she gets older…

May 5

Blood on her face

Oct 1

Steve-O’s Standup Comedy Act

Posted on Monday, October 1, 2012 in Entertainment, Personal


Last night Mel and I made a last minute decision to check out steve-o’s stand up act. I’ve seen a few videos on youtube in the past and have always been a huge fan of all of the rest of his work. For any of you who know me well, you’ll already know that I own everything the jackass guys and cky guys have ever done. I know so much about those guys that it’s borderline creepy. I guess when my fascination with Marilyn Manson and Nine Inch Nails Started to fade, It only made sense to move onto the next thing that really put me in awe. It wasn’t that they were doing all these crazy stunts that caught my attention, it was their determination to make something out of it. It’s a similar reason to why I fell in love with wanting to be in a band. “You mean, I get to party and make money at the same time? Count me in”, said the 13yr old version of Dro.

I even had a project a few years ago, Hardcore Mayhem, which I’ve been dying to bring back. I started it in 2004 and can’t believe it’s already 2012! My whole purpose for starting that project was based on the fact that I’ve had so many crazy experiences (esp. on tour with Deadstar Assembly) that no one ever believed the things I’d been though. I knew right away that the best way to prove these things were to just video tape them and keep record. After years of starting the project, I’m still amazed at all of the things I’d forgotten about since I began recording. In the process of taping Hardcore Mayhem, I got the amazing chance to meet a lot of the people I looked up to, including some of the guys from Jackass.

I met Ryan Dunn a few times and even got him to shoot some footage with me, Met Don Vito a few times, Met Preston Lacey at the Airport by accident while carrying all the CKY and Steve-O dvd’s in my hand, I was getting ready to watch them on the plane, and so on…

Unfortunately, I never got the chance to meet Steve-O but have always admired everything he’s done the most. He’s got a way of making others smile, when you know deep down inside he’s filled with issues that no one will ever understand unless they walked a day in his shoes. I get it because a lot of my fans see me as having this amazing life, yet I sit in silence a lot thinking about how I can better myself and how shitty some things are around me.

Anyway, the whole point of this post was for me to write about how much I enjoyed his stand-up act. Steve-O did an amazing job and after the show, he did one of the things I’ve always prided myself on. After I perform on stage, I always go hang out with the fans after and make sure I take photos with everyone and anyone who wants to. I love that people support what I do and that in some way, I made their night better by just doing what I love anyway. I thought there were going to be more stunts, but I was glad there wasn’t. The best thing is that he has proven time and time again that he doesn’t really need to be hurting himself to entertain. If you ever get a chance, check out his stand-up show. You wont be disappointed, I promise!

When I got the chance to finally speak with him, I wanted to make sure I let him know that I had footage of that I shot with Ryan Dunn for Hardcore Mayhem. I asked him if his email address wasn’t on his website, if he could please write it in the book for me. (I purchased the bad-ass book he just released a few months ago about his life). I let him know I wanted to send him some videos. He was a bit hesitant and then I quickly realized what I said. I’m sure thousands of kids want to send him footage of themselves performing idiotic stunts because they think he can do something to help make them famous for it. I Immediately re-worded it and let him know that they were videos I shot with DUNN. He was nice and trusting enough to let me have his email and now I’m excited to grab those mini dv tapes from my mom’s house so I can show him some of the footage. I guess this whole thing is important to me because Ryan showed me an awesome time when I got to meet him and agreed to do something most celebrities wont. I felt really shitty when I heard he passed away and I’m sure so did all of the Jackass crew. Even if they weren’t friends anymore or if they were having issues. It’s still someone who was a big part of their lives.

Lastly, I began reading his book last night and it’s awesome. Go check it out if you haven’t picked up a copy. I never read books, and I had a very hard time putting this one down last night. It has 5/5 stars for a reason & You can get your copy here:

Professional Idiot: A Memoir

and i am,
the dro