April 9, 2009

Chat To Text Webinar

Tonight Chat To Text is going to be hosting a presentation where they're going to show us all of the new features they've been working on for Chat To Text.
November 7, 2010

Housing Scam On Craigslist

The owner of my house contacted me yesterday and informed me that I was going to have to move out by the end of the month […]
November 8, 2010

Craigslist Housing Scam Pt2.

Here is the response I received from one of the scammers on craigslist. They basically tell you this story so that you’ll send them a money […]
November 28, 2010

Internet Fakers

I recently received a message from a few fans notifying me that there was someone pretending to be Nero from Psyclon Nine on FaceBook and that […]
December 17, 2010

Snapple Facts are Wrong

Snapple’s “Facts” are usually wrong. I’ve proven quite a few already. Today’s Snapple fact says the Gecko is the only Lizard with a voice. Leopard Lizards […]
December 18, 2010

Vendor Client Relationships in the Real World

This is exactly how I feel when dealing with some of my clients. I’ve even went as far as making the analogy that if they were […]
April 13, 2011

How to Disable Google’s Customized Search Query based on your Web History

Today I decided to run a few search queries through google in order to see where my sites rank for certain key words. I noticed a […]
April 21, 2011

Hump Day – Camel Cigs

I should have posted this yesterday considering it was Wednesday, but oh well. Does anyone know what this Hump Day Camel Madness is all about?
May 11, 2011


BEWARE WHEN BRINGING YOUR VEHICLE TO SEARS AUTO CENTER IN BOCA RATON TOWN CENTER! Big and fucking bold so when someone searches for this place full […]
August 24, 2011

The discovery of graphene and it’s possibilities

In NEW YORK – They have discovered A one-atom-thick layer of carbon that may one day be able to help IBM and the U.S. military build […]