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Jan 7

New Business – Seven Sins Salon in Lakewood, CO

Oct 30

How Eyes Work On a Jumping Spider

Posted on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 in Information, Pets & Animals

Jumping spiders have excellent vision, with some of the highest vision clarity out of all the invertebrates. You may not already know this, but not all Spiders have eight eyes. However, the Jumping spider does. Four of which are grouped on the face (the two big eyes in the middle, and two smaller Lateral eyes on the side), and four extra eyes on top (two medium-sized eyes toward the back, and two very small eyes in front of them). The two eyes located in mid portion of the front of the face has extremely high clarity but a small field of view, and the remaining six eyes acts more like our peripheral vision. Instead, with a lower resolution but broad field of view.

The Two eyes in the middle front side of the face are long and tubular, which assists in their resolution (longer focal length which in turn helps with adding more magnification) but which means they have a very narrow field of view out of those two eyes. Since those two have such a narrow field of view, the spider needs to point them in different directions in order to be able to view different things. This is partially accomplished by moving the carapace, but the eyes can move too. This is not done by moving the whole eyeball, like we would, since the lenses of the eyes are actually built into the carapace. Instead the whole retina is what moves around, while the lens stays in the same fixed position.

Since the retina is the darkest part of the eye and it moves around, you can sometimes look into the eye of a jumping spider and see it changing color. When it is darkest, you know the spider is looking directly at you because then you are looking down into its retina. It’s kind of creepy in a way, but awesome to see for yourself.

I found this video online which shows you a spider looking around while it is eating a fly.

video credit: zxgirl’s photostream on flickr
Type of Spider: Magnolia Green Jumper, Lyssomanes viridis

Sep 4

1 Million Apple Device IDs Leaked

Posted on Tuesday, September 4, 2012 in Information, Technology

For those of you with APPLE products, Can you tell me what the FBI is doing with your UDID’s?

One million Apple UDIDs (Universal Device IDs) were released to the public today by a group of hackers. Now, a lot of you may be thinking that it was malicious of them to release everyone’s UDID’s but I completely understand their reasoning behind it. They were even nice enough to strip out a lot of the personal info that went in there such as home addresses, zip codes, cell phone numbers and more.

The hacker was snooping around the FBI laptop and came across everyone’s information and probably thought to himself, “WTF is an FBI agent doing with apple users’ information?” Then he decided all of you should know about it and be able to search for your UDID to see if they had your information in this file of 12 Million UDID’s. For now only one million has been released, but I guarantee you’ll find yours in the other 11 Million.

Read more about it here:

Also, If you would like to search for your UDID, go here:

Mar 31

Kind Industries

Posted on Saturday, March 31, 2012 in Entertainment, Information, Music, News, Personal, Technology, Web Design

For the past year I’ve been working on this awesome website where models, photographers, and musicians can all help each other out to get noticed and to get work.

It’s just like myspace mashed a bit with model mayhem but more industry specific. We’d love to have you on our new site! There are free accounts and only takes a few minutes to Register! We look forward to having you on the site! If you’re already using it, We’ve just updated the site with a tons of new features! Check it out!

By The Way, Even if you’re not in the biz, you’re able to sign up as a basic member. Check it out a

Kind Industries

Nov 25

CentOS 6 – [warn] module dnssd_module is already loaded ERROR/WARNING

Posted on Friday, November 25, 2011 in Information, Linux

Today I was messing around with some of the settings on my CentOS6 Server in order to setup more VirtualHost site directories and every time I went to restart my httpd service I kept getting a warning that said,

[warn] module dnssd_module is already loaded, skipping

The reason I kept getting this warning is because I added,

Include "/etc/httpd/conf.d/*.conf"

to the end of my httpd.conf file in order to use all of the *.conf VirtualHost setup files in the conf.d directory. What I DIDN’T notice was that the httpd.conf file already had an Include inference listed at line 221 right under the all of the LoadModule settings. It specifically stated,

Include "conf.d/*.conf"

In turn, every time I tried to reload the httpd service, it was accessing the *.conf files multiple times thus returning the warning. It was a simple mistake that I had overlooked which caused me about an hour of trying to figure out what I missed in the httpd.conf file which kept tripping this warning. I have been setting up web servers for years but just recently started doing it on my own Linux server instead of using a hosting company and still have a lot to learn. I wanted to post this in case any of you run into the same issue. Be sure to check your httpd.conf file for a secondary instance of Include and luckily it’s an easy fix. Most of the web servers I’ve setup at my home office were on windows and I made the smart decision to finally begin porting over and learning Linux top to bottom. Feel free to leave comments below if you’ve ever had any similar embarrassing issues or if you possibly need help figuring out an issue you’re stuck on. I’d be happy to try to help!

Nov 13

DIY PVC DSLR Camera Stabilizers

Posted on Sunday, November 13, 2011 in Information

I put together two different camera stabilizers made by PVC after watching a couple of tutorials by FrugalFilmMaker & Knoptop. I have posted the links to their tutorials in the video as well as below.

Personally, I have found that both of the rigs are extremely easy to put together and took me about 1 hour to complete the both of them. Also, they are really easy to customize and in the middle of putting them together I decided to make some last-minute changes to the way I was building them and personalized them a bit more to fit my needs.

Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below and be sure to watch their videos in order to support the great effort they put into helping all of us in saving hundreds of dollars with their great and east to follow tutorials!

FrugalFilmMaker – Camera Stabilizer Rig for Under $5 :

Knoptop – $15 Camera Stabilizer:

Oct 20

Android & Voice Commands VS iPhone iOS and Siri

Posted on Thursday, October 20, 2011 in Information, Technology

Ahh, Another one of the age-old debates of Android vs iOS.
These are some of my opinions against the new iPhone 4S, iOS and Siri being Ground-Breaking… I’ve done some voice command tests as well to prove that Siri really isn’t as ground-breaking and as new as people believe it to be. These type of features have been around for years already. The iPhone 4S is just a catch-up device. This set of hardware, software, and functionality would have been a bit more groud-breaking and innovative had it been released in the iPhone 3GS. Other devices around the same time that phone came out were releasing 8MP Cameras, Voice Command Features, and more. A lot of you believe that iPhone was the first smart phone out there to integrate a touch-screen into a cellphone, an mp3 player, and so on. Anyone who’s a bit savvy with Google will find that Sony Had a touchscreen Ericson back in 2000, There were also other cell phones with the capability of playing MP3’s years before iPhone’s release in 2007. I believe the only reason iPhone does so much better is because of perception of the device as being revolutionary.

Some people have been also arguing that Siri is innovative because you can speak to it without the need to use actual voice commands. Iris and Vlingo for Android are capable of doing that as well. Vlingo is a personal assistant as well and has been out for a while now. In the end, I believe it all boils down to personal preference on devices. The real point I’m trying to make though is that there’s nothing Evolutionary or Ground-Breaking about the new Apple Product Releases. This has all been widely seen in previous devices from other companies years before.

Oct 5

The iPhone 4S is nothing Extravegant!

Posted on Wednesday, October 5, 2011 in Information, Technology

iphone 4S siri

I don’t understand why everyone’s making such a big deal about Apple’s iPhone 4S and it’s new features. Android has had these features for years. I’ve always been the first to say that iPhone is always behind in hardware when it’s released. I still will admit they have the best touch screen, but everything else should be way more advanced. Dual Core Processors have been around for about a year now in smart phones. Voice Control and Search has been around since just about the beginning of Android. Smart Phones have come equipped with 8MP Cameras for years. Notification center? Android has had that since it’s very first version. It’s also had the ability to focus in on photos, use a button on the side of the phone to snap the shot, then assist with software features to crop and enhance your photos. I don’t see why apple’s new device is ground-breaking at all. Can someone please explain this to me? And why has Apple’s founders been obsessed with Siri Cruise? I’ve been hearing Steve Jobs mention her name quite a bit in previous Key notes before the app was actually released… a Little creepy if you ask me…

Oct 1

Giant Crane Fly, Often Mistaken for a Mosquito

Posted on Saturday, October 1, 2011 in Information, Pets & Animals

I caught this giant bastard mid-air like Mr. Miyagi and shit.

A lot of people think these are giant mosquito’s flying around their homes but they’re actually just another type of fly. Crane Flies are harmless and there’s really no reason to kill them other than the fact that they’re scary as hell looking!

Crane Flies can become an annoyance when they enter homes but They really do no harm. The only reason they make it into your home is ’cause they are attracted to lights that you forget to shut off when you leave the room! Crane Flies don’t bite at all even though they look like they’re going to suck all of the blood out of the next unsuspecting victim, actually though, they don’t even eat! Their larvae, however, are very important because they assist in breaking down dead plant material. Mainly, dead leaves and stems on the bottoms of streams. This is part of what causes the water to remain healthy for fish and other wildlife that live or drink from the source.

If you’re looking for more information on these creepy bastards, they are in the Tipula genus. The common is (Tipulidae oleracea).

Crane Fly Larvae
holding crane fly larvae in hand

Crane Fly Larvae Closeup
Crane Fly Larvae Closeup

Giant Menacing Crane Fly
Giant Crane Fly

Sep 29

Tuning Tutorial for Android Drag Racing Game

Posted on Thursday, September 29, 2011 in Entertainment, Information

Tuning Tutorial for Android Drag Racing Game

Are you looking for information on Tuning Tutorial for Android Drag Racing Game? Well, You’ve come to the right place!

Android Drag Racing Home Screen

This is just a basic How to article on How to Tune your Cars for the Android device based game called Drag Racing. My article is more of an opinion and what’s worked for me on a regular basis. It may not be the best way, but I’ve gotten ahead using this method and win about 80% of the races I enter.

Android Drag Racing Car Upgrade Page

Here’s the way I usually approach tuning my cars:

1. Nitrous.
Starting with Nitrous, 100%-110% has always worked the best for me. Usually when I try to give it more or less, I notice my race time drops immensely. Too much will make your tires skid out, too little won’t be enough of a push.

2. Final Drive.
This will depend on your car and what kind of start you want. You can bring this setting down in order to red-line without peeling out during take-off. I usually leave this setting around 3.2-3.7 to begin with and then tweak it after I’m done setting up the rest of the gears. I did notice with the more expensive, faster cars, Final drive usually works best when set below gear one. However, with some of the slower, lower level cars, they perform best when Final Drive is set higher than Gear 1.

3. 1st Gear and 2nd Gear.
I know that peeling out can lose some time for you. The more power your car has without the proper amount of grip will leave your car at a stand-still while your opponent takes off on you. Make sure to upgrade the tires and drop some of the weight on the car first, so your car is capable of gripping better during take-off. The lower you set these gears, the better grip your car will have during take-off. However, I’ve noticed that having a bit of slip during take-off is not necessarily a bad thing. When your car isn’t peeling out, it can also mean that you’re not really putting enough power to the wheels during take-off and your opponent car will quickly launch passed you. I usually set 1st Gear in an area where you can immediately switch to second gear with just the right amount of peel-out that leaves you taking off faster than the opponent car on the test screen. I go back and forth from the tuning screen to the test race screen to see which setting works the best for take-off depending on which car I’ve chosen.

Another thing to take note of is that second gear should be a lower number than first gear, but not too much. The idea is to be able to launch from first to second gear immediately and if you leave the second gear a lot lower than the first, your car will lag during the launch. For example, One of my car’s has 1st Gear set to around 3.4 while 2nd gear is set to around 2.8. Once I notice the car is launching faster than the opponent test race car, I know it’s time to move on to Gear #3.

Drag Racing

4. 3rd Gear.
The 3rd gear is the one I usually find the most important to get right. This one will affect two things; The first thing being whether or not you can hit Nitrous with enough grip to launch you forward without peeling out too much causing you to be left behind. The second thing you need to watch for is whether or not your android drag racing car is powerful enough to launch you to 4th Gear in an extremely short amount of time.

The 3rd gear is usually the first gear I set that has a large gap between its previous gear. So here’s another example; If my second gear is set to 2.8, I’d set my third gear to 1.7. It’s almost a whole number step down. This setting usually works for some of the faster cars such as the Novitec Rosso 599 GTB. As long as you have a lot of grip and most of the car’s weight reduced, this car is capable of performing with a high power at the higher gears if set correctly. If it lags a bit when you reach 3rd gear, this is a perfect timing to hit the nitrous to give it just enough power needed for you to zoom passed your opponent. I’ve noticed quite a few of my races where my opponent had a great launch and may have been way ahead of me from launching with nitrous, but as soon as I hit my 3rd gear and hit that nitrous, my car fly’s passed them no matter how far ahead they are.

5. 4th Gear.

Again, depending on what car you have will depend on which setting this gear will have. This gear is another one that you’ll just have to test out repeatedly until you get it right for the car you’re driving. This gear should be set a bit lower than the third gear so that it gives you enough room to accept the power of nitrous if used. I normally drop this setting around .3-.5 under whatever gear #3 is set to.

6. 5th, 6th, and 7th Gears.
I’ve noticed that these upper gears will make the difference in the top speed your car reached during the race combined with the Final Drive Setting. I’ve had car’s that run in the lower 9 Seconds in the ¼ Mile race, but then I change the 5th and 6th gear slightly and I lose a whole .2-.4 seconds off my time. In order to get these settings right, I usually set them just a tad bit lower than the gears before it but make sure when I test race the car, that my final top speed hasn’t dropped. After running a few test races, I’ll notice which setting takes my car to gradually launch passed the opponent car just before the finish line. Once I notice my test races are running real smooth and I’m winning most of them, I tweak the settings very minor. I’ll first save my best test race settings under the presets screen for whichever race I’m tuning for (1/4 Mile or ½ Mile). Once It’s saved, then I can slowly tweak my higher gears one at a time along with the Final Drive and see which changes pushes my car to a higher top speed. You’ll notice some gradual changes will make a very big difference on your race times. Thank god for the Saving Preset feature. There’s been a few times where I’ve forgotten to save my settings and then I have a hard time setting it back up for the car’s top speed. So make sure to always save if you win the test race by a gracious amount of time.

Thanks for taking the time to read this little article and I hope I’ve helped some of you come up with a new way to better tune your cars. I’ve notice some of my friends just constantly change the settings blindly until they get something they feel is good enough, and will win 50% of the time. Taking that extra moment to check your settings and tweak them little by little goes a long way in winning the races more often.

I’ve really hated the fact that a lot of people in the Android Drag Racing community have kept their settings and tuning techniques as a guarded secret like the world will end if anyone finds out. I understand that this is a competition game but it still makes a big difference in how someone actually races the car. I’ve seen two people with the same exact settings race, and one of them still win each time. It all has to do with how you shift gears, when you shift them, and how quickly you use up your nitrous. I’m not afraid to give out my settings and I invite those of you who agree with me, to share your settings in the comments below. I believe that helping each other out will also force us to challenge ourselves a little more as well so that even if someone is using a similar setting as us, we come up with a better strategy to shave even more time off our final race times.

Example of Android Drag Racing - Muscle Car Losing over Import

7. Type of Cars:

Last, but definitely not least, the type of car you use makes a big difference in how well you’ll perform in your races. I’ve seen a lot of the American muscle cars get left behind on a numerous amount of races. I’m sure you’ve noticed as well that most of the foreign cars are the ones with the lowest race times in the game.

Here are some that’s consistently worked for me:

Level 3

BMW 328is E36
Upgrades: Fully Maxed out in upgrades
Tuning Settings: 1/2 Mile
NOS: 2.65s @ 113%
Final Drive: 3.454
1st: 3.450
2nd: 2.750
3rd: 1.921
4th: 1.068
5th: 0.836

Honda S2000
Upgrades: Fully Maxed out in upgrades
Tuning Settings: 1/4 Mile
NOS: 2.75s @ 109%
Final Drive: 3.926
1st: 3.223
2nd: 2.500
3rd: 1.806
4th: 1.379
5th: 1.000
6th: 0.539

Tuning Settings: 1/2 Mile
NOS: 2.84s @ 106%
Final Drive: 4.019
1st: 3.223
2nd: 2.500
3rd: 1.771
4th: 1.149
5th: 0.941
6th: 0.686

Level 4

Honda NSX
Upgrades: Fully Maxed out in upgrades
This car I haven’t tuned yet, and I still win most of the races with it.

Level 6

Novitec Rosso 599 GTB (*This car is my favorite)
Upgrades: Stage 2 Engine, Stage 2 Turbo, Stage 3 Intake, Stage 2 Nitrous, Stage 4 Weight, Stage 4 Tires.
Tuning Settings: 1/4 Mile
NOS: 2.66s @ 113%
Final Drive: 4.100
1st: 3.442
2nd: 2.716
3rd: 1.700
4th: 1.344
5th: 1.000
6th: 0.760

If you guys have settings that have worked better for you, please feel free to share them on here. If you’re one of those people that keeps your settings secretly guarded, then that’s fine too. I hope my tutorial and opinions have helped you in some way as well. Have fun and good luck!